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5 Reviews
I have real greasy hair and tried so many shampoos for greasy/ oily hair but dint help at all..the very next day my hair becomes oily :(This menu doesn't show the shampoo for oily hair which Timotei has...ther is a white bottle with a green cap and says 2 in one shampoo n conditioner for oily hair.For OILY hair TTIMOTEI is the BEST shampoo and I will stick to it forever!!
12 May 2014
best shampoo for my hair, love the smell, the light clean effect after shampooing, non sticky hair .. well several shampoo makes sticky hair
13 Oct 2012
I love this shampoo ! I think it leaves my hair feeling so soft and the condish that you can buy is just as good !
24 Feb 2012
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6 Reviews
Head & Shoulders is my go to brand when it comes to Shampoo and this is the scent that I use most often. I haven't found any other shampoo, around this price range, that makes my hair feel so silky and soft with every wash. It is great if you have dandruff or greasy hair, and I feel like every time I use another brand I am damaging my hair. I love it!
31 Dec 2015
Without using conditioner, serums and shine sprays, this shampoo makes my hair very static. I get incredibly greasy hair and have to wash it every day. While using this shampoo I still have to wash my hair every day.
14 Apr 2016
Having oily hair I thought this product was going to be amazing, however after using it my hair always felt so dry and tuggy even using along side a conditioner. Once dried my hair looked nice however felt really brittle, i also had to wash my hair every day which I try not to do.
09 Jun 2016
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7 Reviews
I absolutely adore this shampoo! I have very oily and greasy hair and I have to wash it everyday but with the combination of the 3 refines clays in the shampoo itself it has left my hair with a non greasy feel and lasts for ages! However, I do have dry ends and it makes it feel as if I have sprayed too much dry shampoo but it leaves your scalp thoroughly washed and smelling lush!
17 Apr 2016
If you use the conditioner and the mask from the same range the results are spectacular.I have oily hair so always was difficult to find product that can make my hair look nice and clean and then I found this shampoo but used by itself can leave the hair a bit dry and frizzy so it's best to use it in combination with the other 2 products
11 Jan 2018
The best shampoo yet- definitely gets rid of the viscious cycle of oily hair. Fab product, makes my hair feel volumised and definitely oil free without drying. Would recommend to anyone with the same problem, can't wait to try the masque and dry shampoo also in this fab range
09 May 2016
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