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6 Reviews
The smell is sweet and refreshing, it is recommended for normal/greasy hair but I use it and I can get dry hair in the winter months and I find it is still amazing. Makes my hair feel smooth and refreshed and is cheap:)
08 Nov 2015
I currently use this shampoo along with a few other products on a day to day basis. It leaves my hair smooth and silky and looks amazing! It doesn't make my hair greasy and the smell is lovely! Would definitely recommend to anybody!
07 Jan 2016
This smells so good! It leaves me feeling refreshed and my hair soft and shiny, especially when used with the conditioner.
29 Dec 2015
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6 Reviews
I absolutely adore this shampoo! I have very oily and greasy hair and I have to wash it everyday but with the combination of the 3 refines clays in the shampoo itself it has left my hair with a non greasy feel and lasts for ages! However, I do have dry ends and it makes it feel as if I have sprayed too much dry shampoo but it leaves your scalp thoroughly washed and smelling lush!
17 Apr 2016
The best shampoo yet- definitely gets rid of the viscious cycle of oily hair. Fab product, makes my hair feel volumised and definitely oil free without drying. Would recommend to anyone with the same problem, can't wait to try the masque and dry shampoo also in this fab range
09 May 2016
Used up so many of these! A true miracle worker, left my hair with shine, bounce and very little dandruff. Also reduced the oil in my hair and smells amazing, very affordable for a shampoo as good as this!x
30 Oct 2016
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20 Reviews
so so good, i found once i had dryed my hair it was soft smooth and shiny. it was a lovely fragrance and i use this alot when i have greasy hair.
24 Oct 2010
This is one of my all time favourite shampoos. It is designed for hair that gets easily greasy and leaves your hair soft, shiny and residue free. This is exactly what it does. My hair feels strong, clean and nourished and I adore the smell. An amazing product to have =)
09 Oct 2010
I use this shampoo on and off. I love it because it always leaves my hair looking the shiny and feels really soft. I can't use it too often a my hair starts to go greasy - will carry on buying though!
14 Dec 2011
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