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5 Reviews
shampoo is excellent if you have an itchy dry scalp. My scalp got that bad I ended up at the Doctors they gave a steroid scalp application. I tried T-Gel,to the point I was using it every day along with other treatments non worked. I saw a TV add for this item and thought ive tried everything else. On the first wash itching had stopped and after 4 washes the condition of my scalp had improved 90%!
25 Jul 2011
This product took the itchiness away after the first couple of washes and after about a week my scalp felt back to normal, I was so impressed I decided to buy the conditioner as well.
10 Mar 2012
My partner uses this for his itchy scalp. He will not use anything else. It stops all the itching and no dandruff. His hair is cropped so do not know how well would work on long hair, but his hair looks very healthy, has a good shine and does not look greasy.
05 Feb 2014
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7 Reviews
I normally use Head & Shoulders when I get a dry scalp but find it strips the colour from my hair so I've switched to this. It's nice, it does what it's meant to do & doesn't have the strong smell of H&S which is a bonus. I'm not sure how quickly it's going to strip my colour but so far it seems pretty gentle
04 May 2017
I absolutely adore this shampoo! I have very oily and greasy hair and I have to wash it everyday but with the combination of the 3 refines clays in the shampoo itself it has left my hair with a non greasy feel and lasts for ages! However, I do have dry ends and it makes it feel as if I have sprayed too much dry shampoo but it leaves your scalp thoroughly washed and smelling lush!
17 Apr 2016
The best shampoo yet- definitely gets rid of the viscious cycle of oily hair. Fab product, makes my hair feel volumised and definitely oil free without drying. Would recommend to anyone with the same problem, can't wait to try the masque and dry shampoo also in this fab range
09 May 2016
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32 Reviews
I have really dry damaged hair and this product help strengthen my hair and made it feel so soft and help with my very dry scalp due to skin problems. I love this product
02 Apr 2016
I'm on the fence with this shampoo, It made my hair and scalp feel extremely clean but I also found that it made my hair feel quite dry, which is the opposite of what it says it's supposed to do.
04 Oct 2015
Made my hair feel healthier after it's been dried up over hair dye, making it smoother a little shinnier and over all looking healthier.
07 Sep 2015
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