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9 Reviews
the shampoo & conditioner work great with my hair, as seen as i have oily and dry hair , my hair has more volume now and takes longer to be greasy,
01 Aug 2010
AMAZING, use this occasionally when my hair feels lifeless, and it makes my hair silky and soft especially once i've straightened it with my tresemme hair straighteners it looks like I've been to the hairdressers! definetley reccomend for those who have dry hair.
28 Nov 2015
This shampoo works wonders on my hair. Definitely leaves my hair feeling healthier and looking less dry. I do like a shampoo with an amazing smell though and I can't say I was blown away with the smell of this.
28 Nov 2016
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Fragrance Direct
4 Reviews
I LOVE this! I don't think it completely straightens my hair (I use this with the conditioner), but my hair feels so soft and healthy after using, and it is definitely smoother. It also smells gorgeous. Never used a shampoo which has made my dry hair feel so soft and moisturised, it's fab.
15 Apr 2016
This product is the best shampoo I have ever used my hair is so soft once I have washed my hair.Highly recommend
15 Nov 2016
I've tried a few products by this brand and have loved them all. This shampoo left my hair nice and shiney and I found that my hair actually did dry much straighter than it normally would! It also smells amazing which is a bonus :)
10 Feb 2016
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10 Reviews
Worked like a charm on my hair! Smells and gives amazing results. I would definitely recommend this for people who tend to get dry hair after dying it.
28 Aug 2015
Favourite dry shampoo ever!! Smells amazing, doesn't feel too dry and actually keeps your hair looking fresh for the rest of the day!
05 Mar 2016
Makes the grease in my hair disappear instantly Gives good volume and smells great compared to other dry shampoos!!
24 Sep 2015
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