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I got this in translucent, great for problem t-zone didn't leave face orange or patchy, could have lasted longer as touch ups were needed throughout the day
06 Jul 2012
I use this to set my make up and thought I'd try it as it's only £1. It sets my foundation beautifully and tones it down as the shade I'm currently using can sometimes seem a bit dark. You don't need much and is great for touch ups throughout the day. I would recommend this for people on a budge. I love mua makeup
03 Oct 2017
I thought this powder was good for the amount of money. It didn't have as much coverage as I hoped but for the amount of money it was I couldn't complain. It does go patchy throughout the day and I did have to touch it up quite a lot but one the whole it was a rather good powder. If I was desperate for a powder I would buy it but it isn't my favourite powder.
02 Jan 2013
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Mac powder is amazing for your mid day touch ups. I always keep it with me and if anything runs or starts to fade using Mac powder does the trick
17 Jan 2016
Really great product if you're looking for a light, natural powder. I don't like having too heavy coverage so this works great for me as it doesn't leave my face feeling weighted down or cakey! Would recommend! Great for touch ups too.
16 Apr 2016
Beautiful finish
I have been using this product for years and love it. I usually get one for xmas and one from duty free when my mum goes on holiday. It lasts for ages even though I use it everyday after foundation and for touch ups throughout the day and nights out. I have the colour ‘Light’ like in most products 😂. The finish is beautiful and I have been complimented when wearing it. I have tried many cheaper pressed powders and definitely think this is one of the products worth splashing out on because the finish is head and shoulders above the rest.
21 Dec 2017
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I use as a final touch to my make-up as it creates a totally flawless look. Very light and no clogging, especially since I have dry skin. Really good for quick touch ups as well!
22 Jan 2016
I like this. It keeps my makeup on throughout the day and is great for touch ups if you need it. Lasts a long time so I believe its worth the money, but I'm not sure it adds anything to the look so maybe not a necessity
08 Apr 2016
I love this product it works wonders alone or over any foundation or BB cream gives a polished airbrushed look to your skin and is also great in the compact form for quick touch ups during the day , totally revives your make up at the 3 pm slump.
18 Mar 2013
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