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Best Powder For Reducing Shine

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38 Reviews
i started using this since the lasting perfection concealer was so amazing. it reduces shine, helps set my makeup AND it has a nice coverage
02 Jan 2016
Cheap but effective, reduces and shine and has full coverage. Applies really well and lasts a few hours
03 Jan 2016
This product is ok keep shine away for a couple of hours however had to reapply several times which made my makeup look a little cakey and powdery
15 Jan 2016
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71 Reviews
This is a very affordable product. It comes in a nice range of colours to match your skin tone. Perfect to reduce shine and make your face look matte. I don't think it's very long lasting, but for a product under £2 I can't complain!
25 Oct 2010
This power is of really good price and it does the job! I use it for setting my makeup and the get rid of shine.
04 Oct 2015
Great product, bought it loads, excellent price. Makes my face look matte. Get rid of shine too. Lots of shades to choose from, by far the best powder i've ever used.
17 Oct 2010
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40 Reviews
This is my new favourite powder. It adds a literally extra coverage and helps keep the shine away, even on a hot summers day.
17 Jul 2016
Wow... The product demolishes the shine you don't want and leaves you with a perfect flawless finish, not patchy, has plenty of shades for all skin tones, everything I want in a powder! And doesn't feel cakey
25 Oct 2016
I loved this powder in the summer it took away the shine and kept my foundation in place without needing loads however now winter is upon us I'm not sure if it's my skin but this powder seems to be drying out and making my face look patchy by the middle of the day but that could be my skin changing so I won't say it's a bad product
09 Nov 2016
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