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It has great,lasting coverage and really sets out a Matt finish to your makeup look
10 Oct 2015
Amazing powder for oily skin! I can actually get away with just this on it's own without foundation as it gives such a good coverage! I like the flawless matte finish it gives also, and for a bargain price, what more could you ask for!
22 Jul 2015
I have quite a dry skin but it finishes of my make up so well. I love it so so so much xx
07 Nov 2015
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Nice product, nothing special really. Just your average powder. Leaves a matte finish. No better than a Rimmel one. You're mostly paying for the nice packaging, and the brand. It comes with a small sponge, which after a while becomes quite caked in product, so needs replacing every couple months.
11 Feb 2016
I use this product after I have applied a translucent setting powder to give my skin a nice glow + more colour to the skin. It's amazing when used as a secondary powder. The little sponge is fluffy and light and is great for touching up throughout the day. It doesn't leave your makeup cakey and heavy like other Mac products and leaves a nice matte finish. Definitely worth a buy!
30 Apr 2016
I love this product and I think it helps give that perfectly finished look. Its very matt, and helps to stop that shiny look, even if you get a bit sweaty during the day. Lasts most of the day if you don't rub your face too much.
14 Jun 2015
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I really like this power because it is easy to apply and gives a nice matte finish and you can't feel it on your face.
01 Jun 2016
I really like this product because it has a really nice matte finish and it doesn't cake up on your face ! I use it all the time because it's also really light on your face
05 Apr 2016
gives a nice matt coverage, would defo buy and recommend, love loose powders
24 Jul 2016
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