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Doesn't cake on my dry skin and helps my slightly oily t zone and doesn't budge all day. Can get messy easily.
13 Jul 2016
I have oily/combination skin and apply this with a kabuki brush over a primer and foundation and it gives a clean, matte finish. Throughout the day i have to touch-up about once. Although, when i used this without a primer, as my skin is quite oily, it did get quite cakey by the end of the day. But it's really good value for money and doesn't break easily, which is important
27 Jul 2010
The shade range isn't great. This product lasted a few hours on my oily skin. It has a mirror which is great. If you apply a lot it can look caked. I like the texture. It feels really silky. I wouldn't repurchase because I want to try out a different pressed powder.
12 Mar 2016
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I have really dry skin so it's quiet hard to find powders that set my foundation and hydrate my skin. But this does both. It foes on so lovely and I've also used it as a baking tool under my eyes. It's fab!
01 May 2016
This powder is lovely! As someone with quite dry patches on my cheeks and chin, I find it quite difficult to find a powder that sets my foundation without accentuating my dry areas. This powder works beautifully with my skin making my foundation non transferable. This is the best powder I have used.
10 Apr 2016
Don't be put off by how dark it might look, it's actually translucent so it's super pale people friendly. (I use L'Oreal Infallible foundation in Porcelain, pale pale!) It's replaced my previous powder that I used for about the last 8 years!I also have problem skin around my T zone [psoriasis] & this powder doesn't make my skin feel tight & dry.
21 Aug 2016
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I love this, only powder I use on my dry skin, looks flawless, feels flawless, blends colourless, it's my favourite powder, a defo must buy
01 May 2016
This product is great for getting rid of shine and setting foundation, although I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin. It has a soft, silky texture and is applied very easily, but feels heavy and claggy. It often looks quite cakey, particularly on dry skin/acne as it set in the flakes on your skin.
03 Apr 2015
My favourite everyday powder. I have dry skin, but this isn't drying, it leaves a nice satin finish. I don't know what the shade range is like, I just use translucent, which is lovely. I also haven't noticed any difference in how clear my complexion is, but it makes me feel better that I'm not necessarily making my skin worse my covering it in makeup aha. Staying power is good
01 Jul 2015
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