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42 Reviews
I love this, only powder I use on my dry skin, looks flawless, feels flawless, blends colourless, it's my favourite powder, a defo must buy
01 May 2016
Love this I've bought this product so many times I love it so much I feel like it gives me a flawless finish over foundation and I love this on its own with no foundation it looks so natural with also getting rid of shine
08 Jan 2016
I thought i would try a different powder and this looked like this help my uneven skin tone in places.It did an okay-ish job at giving me a clear even finish but it did NOT feel nice on my skin.It felt thick on my skin and heavy even using a small amount.
26 Nov 2014
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12 Reviews
Gives a nice flawless finish and has great coverage for all skin types, would definitely use this product again.
20 Mar 2016
This powder is amazing use it all times I love it always gives me a matte flawless look, also it's very light on your skin Blends all your make up together nicely!
12 Nov 2015
Just one word insane only way to describe it just amazing so lightweight blends in skin fab and makes makeup look flawless
16 Mar 2016
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28 Reviews
Best powder amazing i love it so much leaves such a flawless look and beautiful effect for my face completely adore this powder and swear by it.
11 Jul 2015
Amazing powder for oily skin! I can actually get away with just this on it's own without foundation as it gives such a good coverage! I like the flawless matte finish it gives also, and for a bargain price, what more could you ask for!
22 Jul 2015
It has great,lasting coverage and really sets out a Matt finish to your makeup look
10 Oct 2015
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