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41 Reviews
Love this mascara, adds volume, massively lengthens and separates lashes beautifully
14 May 2016
Shapes lashes brilliantly and adds extra volume, would never go back to another mascara x
11 Jun 2016
If you love long thick lashes with tons of volume that lasts all day long without smudging this is the mascara for you!
29 May 2016
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John Lewis
House of Fraser
81 Reviews
My all time favourite mascara, shape of the wand allows great lash definition and volume.
17 May 2012
gave so much lift and volume to my lashes also i didint have to keep reapllying it throughout the day :P i was very happy
11 Nov 2010
great mascara added volume. downside is the lift fell through the day. great price though !
12 Sep 2011
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Fragrance Direct
33 Reviews
This will forever be one of my favourites, adds so much volume and the applicator brush spreads lashes so they don't clump at all !
08 May 2016
Good mascara, it separates lashes very well without making them stick together. It doesn't do much for length but adds plenty of volume.
26 Sep 2016
I was bought this mascara for christmas and it has lasted me up until now (bearing in mind i apply mascara everyday!) The mascara is amazing for giving the lashes more length, I always use this mascara first then apply a second one for volume as this mascara doesnt really give the lashes much volume. I have always recieved compliments about how long my lashes look :).
27 Aug 2015
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Fragrance Direct

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