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23 Reviews it. this is pefect for getting long and thick lashes or if you don't want them to be thick then you can make them long and thin. i admire this product because you get to choose how they look. i order alot of things from avon and this is one of my best buys. most people wouldn't think the triple effect would work but it actually does. i have even recently ordered a few more!
31 Jul 2010
It's really good give you a fake lashes look very tall lashes and thick but little bit sticky also not easy to handle.
31 Dec 2012
The bristles are too far apart and that makes the lashes stick together and it creates clumps.And the rotation device for fuller lashes is fake.
07 Jan 2013
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Thick bold lashes
The eyeko black magic mascara can create such bold thick lashes that stand out .it is very useful for layering lashes but also keeping them spread apart with such an easy application. The curve shape brush is usefull and one of my favourite things about it ;getting the inner lashes is usually hard but this makes it easy and quick .it gives a false lash effect but doesn't clump so your eye doesn't feel irritated during the time u wear it . The mascara is long lasting and doesn't smear easily , it's something I love to just Carry around in my purse on a day to day basis
04 Jun 2017
This mascara applies beautifully, makes the lashes longer and doesn't clump.
15 May 2016
This is a really really good mascara. However it does have fibres in which can aggravate your eyes if you have sesitive eyes. It really elongates the lashes and the fibres add volume giving a false lash effect
23 May 2017
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Space NK
38 Reviews
If you love long thick lashes with tons of volume that lasts all day long without smudging this is the mascara for you!
29 May 2016
This was such a lovely mascara to buy! I already have quite long and thick lashes but this mascara bought out a completely different side of me! Highly recommend and definitely will buy again!:)
23 Jun 2016
Love it! instant results on first use, layer on for a thicker lash. The Brush seperates your lashes well and mascara is not too thick. Noticeable difference when applied. It is just amazing
19 Aug 2016
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John Lewis
House of Fraser

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