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Very very GOOD mascara does exactly what it says!! Lengthens volumes and curls my very very short lashes. The results are unbelievable. However one down side is it can get clumpy sometimes other than that its a really good mascara.
08 Jun 2011
Tried it and it works. Better for me than the Colossal for me. Gave me Length,Volume and WOW after just two coats. I have fair,short lashes but quite a few of them and this Mascara did it all !!!
11 Oct 2011
This mascara is very nice. It doesn't stick all my eyelashes together in a clump but it separates them to look fuller. It didn't add that much volume though but it did make them very black and opaque. I didn't look like I had spiders legs for lashes which is a bonus. It builds nice too which a bonus for people with tiny tiny lashes like me :)
17 Sep 2017
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This is a step up from the Lash Stiletto mascara. This i would definitely recommend to people with very short lashes, as it reaches right to the base of your lashes and lifts them up, defining each lash during the mean while. I have used so many mascaras over many years, and this is one of the best. I love the tube to as it looks so glamorous in my make up case. A must for make up collectors.
27 Aug 2010
Its a very nice mascara, it separates the eye lashes and lengthens them very well- maybe even the longest, however i feel like it compromises volume completely so you look like you have very long but very few eye lashes, like when people have semi-permament eyelash extensions and they begin to fall out...
07 Apr 2012
Definitely one of my favourite mascaras.I quite like long lashes with the rest of my make-up and this does just that. It separated my lashes well and I was extremely disappointed when I found it ran out. Would most definitely recommend to a friend and buy again.
15 May 2016
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14 Reviews
Love it so much, so good if you have short lashes and want them a lot longer but still looking natural.
24 Feb 2017
Good mascara - brush and angles do make the mascara easier to apply. Nice thick lashes (haven't managed to achieve the Penelope Cruise feather lash look in the advert yet) and it holds the shape of the lashes well too, I have been asked on several occasions if my lashes are my own whilst wearing this.
14 Oct 2014
Had my reservations about this! It looks strange but applies really easily and my lashes look awesome
21 Apr 2016
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