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7 Reviews
I really like this mascara as it gives great volume , length and makes my lashes look amazing! It's great for an everyday wear and stays on throughout the day . It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and doesn't smudge easily. Will definitely buy this product again.
06 Mar 2016
I love this product it is one of my favorites, it gives great volume and length while still being comfortable to wear and easy to remove. It is very pigmented and black and does give a dramatic eye look. It is a bit pricy but worth it in my eyes as I love it so much.
11 Apr 2016
This is my favourite mascara, I've repurchased again and again! It gives your lashes incredable volume and length without getting clumpy. It also doesn't dry out my lashes or irritate me eyes which I love, as I wear contacts and some mascaras do cause some discomfort due to flaking!
16 Feb 2016
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John Lewis
43 Reviews
One of the best mascaras out there for length and volume without being clumpy, thick or spidery looking on the eyelashes. This mascara is very black and stays on all day, it doesn't smudge and the best and most unique thing I find when I wear this mascara is that it makes my lashes very fluffy and soft and that is a huge bonus to me as it doesn't weigh my sensitive eyes down!!!
09 Feb 2016
Luscious long fuller looking lashes
Whilst I am lucky to be blessed with long lashes, they lack volume and this mascara has been the answer to my prayers, it gives a deep inky black colour and the illusion of really thick voluminous lashes that are not clumpy and fake looking. At first glance I was unimpressed with the brush but once I tried the mascara I fell in love as the brush made it easy to apply and define each lash, coating it with the perfect amount of mascara to really dramatise my eyes. The texture of the mascara is perfect and does not dry out quickly like others that I have used.fragrance free great 4 sensitive eye
23 May 2017
Love this one. Nice to the eyes (I have loads of allergies and problems for being too sensitive) easy to apply, no clumps and perfect colour. Gorgeous mascara overall.
21 Feb 2012
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Garden Pharmacy
45 Reviews
I have natural very long lashes that are sparse . I loved this mascara so much it's always my go too. Not flaky good for sensitive eyes. High impact and volume. Really dark perfection ??
05 May 2016
I just love it this mascara!! Make my lashes longer,no smudges,doesn't fall around my eyes.Great!!
06 May 2016
makes my eyes look bold and big and brighter i love this mascara its the best goingxx
31 Jul 2016
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John Lewis

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