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You don't have to use much of this for a really good looking result, and really is waterproof. No panda eyes!
31 Jul 2010
A great mascara i use this when i go swimming and its fantastic theres no worries you will come out with panda eyes at all as it remains throughout, and also gives your lashes a great boost but doesnt make it to obvious you have mascara on, a great product.
01 Aug 2010
this is really good and its waterproof :) i wear it when i go swimming :) and never come out with panda dodgey eyes :L
26 Jul 2010
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It's not clumpy or too much and it still makes your eye lashes look longer and thicker. It has great definition and when washing off doesn't leave you with panda eyes.
19 Nov 2010
I was given this mascara as a freebie and stopped using it. It is very clumpy and your eyelashes just stick together, also by the end of the day I have panda eyes as it justs seems to rub off under my eyes. I would not invest in this mascara and am glad I received it as a freeby and didn't spend money on it.
12 May 2011
I think this mascara is absolutely perfect for volumising your eye lashes. However, i don't think i would wear this during the day time as it makes my eye lashes a bit clumpy. However for night time, and places such as parties, your eye lashes are extremely long and does a great job of individually seperating lashes to maximise the length.
04 Aug 2010
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I love the shape of the brush, it is really easy to apply the mascara and also makes my eyelashes curl really nicely without the need for an eyelash curler even though i still like to use one! also it stays on all day!! i don't end up with panda eyes at the end of the day which i hate and sometimes if i forget to take it off it still stays on! however it is still easy to take off :)
12 Jun 2011
This is definitely one of my most favourite mascaras. The spoon brush gives great length and volume and really makes my eyes look bigger.
10 Dec 2011
This is definitely my favourite mascara- although it doesn't provide the actual falsies effect, we all knew it wouldn't, it compliments your eyes and makes your lashes really thick, obvious and dark! Since I started wearing this I've had a couple of compliments too :D
26 Jul 2012
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