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7 Reviews
I use this as my daily mascara as I do alot of exercise. I never get panda eyes and it goes on lovely
04 Feb 2013
Stays put!
I have small hooded eyes so need a waterproof mascara and this is great. Good price when they have the money off vouchers!
25 Jan 2017
This mascara is my everyday go to , it applies easily and gives you natural looking but intense volume and lifts your lashes up. I find this mascara perfectly finishes a natural make up look and gives your eyes definition. I love this and will definitely re purchase when ,one runs out . It lasts all day and for £10 is worth all the money spent
29 Aug 2017
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31 Reviews
You don't have to use much of this for a really good looking result, and really is waterproof. No panda eyes!
31 Jul 2010
A great mascara i use this when i go swimming and its fantastic theres no worries you will come out with panda eyes at all as it remains throughout, and also gives your lashes a great boost but doesnt make it to obvious you have mascara on, a great product.
01 Aug 2010
this is really good and its waterproof :) i wear it when i go swimming :) and never come out with panda dodgey eyes :L
26 Jul 2010
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5 Reviews
So I keep wasting money on other mascaras and I. Always come back to this one!I love it! My lashes look amazing and I never ever get panda eye! cant live without it
24 Apr 2016
I've stuggled with mascaras as I can never find a product that doesn't make me have serious panda eyes!! But this mascara doesn't smudge and lasts through humidity so it's perfect in the summer. My lashes look lengthened and curly and they aren't clumpy at all! This mascara is more on the pricey side but I can assure you it's worth it!
18 Jan 2019
stunning natural/ bold lashes
Another great mascara that i love. This mascara is something that i will often find myself using for a slighty more natural but bold lash effect on days that i dont do much makeup but i still want my eyes to pop and look super nice all day. This mascara has never let me down with how long it stays on, it never flakes off, smudges meaning no more black eyes. This is a very black mascara which i love with only 1 coat! I usually will apply around 1-3 coats of this mascara just as i would with any other mascara. This mascara can be layered without going clumpy or sticking my lashes together which some mascaras do but thankfully this one doesnt. This is a great mascara that adds a slight curl and a lot of lengh it makes my lashes super long and bold since its also so black. I love the effect it gives my lashes and how long it lasts. Will definetly never stop using this mascara its so good and its not even the most expensive.
28 Aug 2019
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