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I always come back to this mascara, I love the volume achieved and most importantly to me, it doesn't smudge as the day goes by!
17 Apr 2016
I have tried every mascara from the bargain ranges to the high end ranges and will always come back to this. It doesn't clump. It lengthens and volumises my lashes. It never smudges or leaves flaky bits under my eyes. I wear two coats for work and three coats for a night out. Love it!
22 Jun 2011
One of best mascara's I have ever used, no clumps and makes your eyelashes look naturally long. Love the fact it is smudge-proof also. Dries up quite quickly, but with it's amazing effect you don't mind buying again.
14 Feb 2015
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My boyfriend bought this for me when I had run out of a previous mascara, it makes the lashes look pretty average in terms of length however it doesn't smudge at all! Went to the gym yesterday with just this on and not a single smudge after 3 hours and a lot of sweating! My lashes are not short to begin with, and the seperation this gives is incredible! Would definitely recommend.
30 May 2016
I absolutely love this problem. I suffer from small eyes and non curly eyelashes. With this mascara it keeps my eyelashes long and curly. It is easy to apply as I don't get them on my eyelids or smudge off my bottom lashes which is a problem I have with most mascara so
20 Jul 2016
I love this product. It has a simple brush with real bristles not plastic so it isn't scratchy. It applies easily and doesn't clump. The packaging is gorgeous and it's not massive so is good for on the move. It gives your eyelashes really good length and is buildable if you want darker lashes. The product also dries quite quickly and doesn't smudge.
10 Nov 2015
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House of Fraser
38 Reviews
I just love it this mascara!! Make my lashes longer,no smudges,doesn't fall around my eyes.Great!!
06 May 2016
If you love long thick lashes with tons of volume that lasts all day long without smudging this is the mascara for you!
29 May 2016
Looove it. Does everything you want so if you have the budget go for it. Loved the intense color and no clumpiness but it does smudge a bit. Luv it
25 Jun 2016
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John Lewis
House of Fraser

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