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I use this mascara on my bottom lashes. I have had difficulties finding a mascara that will stay on my bottom lashes and not wander onto my lower eye. This product does not budge! It is great at defining your upper lashes too and (although waterproof) is easy to clean with eye-makeup remover.
11 Feb 2016
This mascara is just amazing. I use it for my bottom lashes mostly because the brush is thing and long so perfect for applying mascara on the bottom lashes. No mess guranteed. I also love it for defining my top lashes it get all the tiny eyelashes showing up aswell. Must buy.
03 Apr 2016
So the formula of this product is incredible for lengthening but I find it hardly gives any volume which is my personal favourite feature from a mascara. However, this is amazing for bottom lashes and I would probably continue to use the one I have for this purpose. I wouldn't buy again though as I usually just use the same mascara for my upper and bottom lashes as it saves money.
05 Aug 2016
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Its such a great mascara if what you're looking for is length. Its so incredibly lengthing and it is very black. The wand is also great because you can do both top lashes and bottom lashes with it. It can clump my eyelashes together though and can look spidery if you dont use an eyelash curler.
29 Jun 2016
This is truly a great quality for the money you pay. It makes my lashes look so nice and long giving the illusion of false lashes. It is a very intense black and one coat of this mascara makes all the difference. However, the only slight problem I have with it is that sometimes it clogs up some of eye lashes together and seems clogged up even when I pull the wand out.
25 Apr 2016
Brilliant lengthening mascara
I bought this product after seeing one of my favourite you tubers raving about it in thought I may as well give it a try. The applicator is extremely thin with tiny rubber bristles, I couldn’t see how this would do much for my lashes so was very pleasantly surprised to find just one coat of the mascara separated and lengthened my lashes considerably. Combined with my lash curlers I could almost have been wearing some subtle false lashes. The colour is a gorgeous deep black and there is minimal fall out. The only thing to be aware of is when new the product is extremely wet so just requires a little extra caution when applying.
15 Apr 2019
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Beauty Expert
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It smells lovely - but I worried that because of this (with my sensitive eyes), my eyes would have a reaction and stream.They didn't! I loved how long my lashes looked,the brush is fab for bottom lashes. If you've got sensitive eyes though, bare in mind that it is perfumed (does a mascara really need to be?) because everybody's eyes are different.
15 Apr 2016
Firstly - very expensive. Secondly - WORTH IT. My lashes are short and curly - almost none existent! This really does lengthen and volumize your lashes. I have used other branded mascaras from drugstores to high end and this is by far my favourite. It does what it says on the tin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 Dec 2013
Love love love this mascara! Have been using this mascara for about 2 years now and it has never failed to disappoint! As I have quite full lashes anyway I just need something to add a bit of length which this mascara does effortlessly!
09 Mar 2016
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