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I use this mascara on my bottom lashes. I have had difficulties finding a mascara that will stay on my bottom lashes and not wander onto my lower eye. This product does not budge! It is great at defining your upper lashes too and (although waterproof) is easy to clean with eye-makeup remover.
11 Feb 2016
This mascara is just amazing. I use it for my bottom lashes mostly because the brush is thing and long so perfect for applying mascara on the bottom lashes. No mess guranteed. I also love it for defining my top lashes it get all the tiny eyelashes showing up aswell. Must buy.
03 Apr 2016
So the formula of this product is incredible for lengthening but I find it hardly gives any volume which is my personal favourite feature from a mascara. However, this is amazing for bottom lashes and I would probably continue to use the one I have for this purpose. I wouldn't buy again though as I usually just use the same mascara for my upper and bottom lashes as it saves money.
05 Aug 2016
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House of Fraser
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Mixed review because the end for your top lashes i really hate, it does nothing for holding a curl and that's what i really need since my lashes are so straight, however the thinner end for bottom lashes is brilliant! It's the only mascara that i can use on my bottom lashes without any transfer because it dries incredibly fast. I would re-purchase for that reason alone.
14 Jan 2016
I like the mascara and would purchase it again. The bottom lash brush was more pleasing than the top lash brush as it was more dramatic but not cakey nor clumpy. The top lash brush didn't have as much drama as the bottom but did not put me off it. I would highly recommend this product .X
24 Jun 2016
Half and half!
✨I am very 50/50 on this product... the bottom lash applicator is amazing! It literally hugs every single lash and really defines the bottom eyelid. The applicator is so tiny which gives you the manoeuvrability to swipe all of your lashes without making any mistakes or slip ups and ending up with that grim black on your waterline. However, the top lash applicator is terrible - it does nothing to enhance your top eyelid or make your lashes longer or fuller. The pigmentation is lovely and is a true black which I love. Get this for your bottom lashes - you won’t look back!
18 Oct 2017
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I really like the volume and thickness that this gives, it makes your lashes stand out really well! The wand makes it easy to apply, both on the top and bottom lashes. It also stays on all day and can actually be quite difficult to remove! The only problem is the price tag! Im not sure how good it is for length but I have quite long lashes already so it wasn't a problem for me
12 Apr 2012
There is onyl one disadvantage with this product and thats the price. However, I would definitely pay the money again as it's well worth it. This is one of the best mascara i have come across and the brush is my favourite. It helps to elongate the lashes to their fullest whilst keeping them clump free. Because of the tip, it's easy to reach into the inner and outer corners of the eye lashes.
26 Aug 2010
I found this mascara on sale for £15 and couldn't resist a bargain. It's one of the best mascaras I've tried yet! It gives your lashes volume, length and separation without clumping or looking cloggy which is what I look for in a mascara. After using this for a while my lashes looked stronger and healthier which I was extremley pleased about. Worth the money, AMAZING product =)
27 Dec 2010
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