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Best Mascara For A Natural Look

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A more detailed look at some Mascara products best suited to particular conditions and attributes, based upon your reviews.

9 Reviews
I don't use this for my eyebrows just my eyelashes great for everyday use lengthens and separates and looks natural
07 Nov 2010
Flawless lashes in seconds! Makes my brows look completely natural easy to use and wide range of colours !!
03 Oct 2015
Prefer to just use on my lashes - makes them look amazing on a natural/no make up day.
08 Feb 2016
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23 Reviews
The best
Love the brush, mascara stays all day, easy to remove. One coat for natural look, few for going out.
02 Feb 2019
A beautiful mascara it doesn't leave any lumps or leave the mascara looking flaky and applies on smoothly I do about 2 or 3 coats and it volumises nicely making my eyelashes look the way I want them it also has a natural look to it. It is long lasting it does not smudge and comes off easily with any makeup remover. It is on the high end side so you can always buy the travel size but the mascara works greatly. I would definitely recommend it.
01 May 2018
I love this product and it gives different effects so it can be used if you want thick lashes with volume or kept fanned out natural looking lashes. It does not last very long and is not exactly worth the price
31 Mar 2013
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John Lewis
14 Reviews
At first I was unsure of this product because going from a normal mascara to a clear mascara feels as though it totally changes your look. However, after just a few days of wearing this mascara I totally fell in love with it! It's great for a simple and natural look just to lengthen your lashes. After all, a bit of change is good every now and then.
09 Sep 2015
Miss Sporty's Clear Mascara is amazing, not only is it good to add more shape to your eyebrows without using a eyebrow pencil but is really affordable and cheap for those who don't spending loads of money on makeup, This clear mascara is use to add a natural shine to the lashes and to make them look naturally long without them being coloured.
17 Aug 2015
This mascara is one of the most helpful I have ever owned. It gives natural looking eyelashes and adds a curl which means if you have naturally dark, long eyelashes that are straight then this is perfect It was also brilliant for setting my eyebrows with as it doesn't leave too much gel on your eyebrows.This is a definite must have mascara
06 Feb 2016
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