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Perfect on lips
Doesn't flake or cause discomfort, stays on as good and has a formula as good as my high ends, and the colours are beautiful
07 May 2017
I have the colour paparazzi and it's a gorgeous red not too dark or light. The lip paint itself has a nice scent to it and it feels smooth on my lips but it's not lightweight I can feel there is something on my lips compared to the mua lip lacquers they are lightweight and velvety on the lips. These do stay on better though lasted all day I did not touch up once just removed it at night. I think the shades are limited would love some more shades in the collection to try out.
10 Oct 2017
So so impressed! This rivals so many high end liquid lipsticks, the formula beats most as it is so smooth and thin it glides along the lips and is opaque immediately! The consistency is quite watery but that makes it very lightweight, and once the product dries which is almost immediately it sets and stays put through eating and drinking and it doesn't feel crusty or flaky or uncomfortable on the lips. I can't speak highly enough of these liquid lipsticks.
09 Apr 2017
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Has a really nice pigment and is easy to apply. I did find that they don't have to best staying power but the colour does remain for a few hours. Defiantly one that I had to remember to take with me to top up the colour. I am going to be trying the darker colours to see if the staying power is any better.
09 Jul 2015
Good pigment for the price, has some very nice bold colours in the range, I only own about 2 of these lipsticks but I am very impressed by the staying power of these little babies. would definitely recommend for the price and value for money. My only criticism is that the formula feels slightly waxy on my lips.
04 Oct 2015
I love this lipgloss although it was a bit of a shock when I put it on because when it says 'velvet' on the packaging, it means velvet. It dried into all the cracks on my lips and when you ran your finger across your lips, they felt just like velvet. The colour is VERY strong and it stays out so well that it doesn't come off easily, apart from that it is a good buy!
30 Oct 2015
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Colours are amazing! The formula is smooth and can be applied easily, however they only stay on for a couple of hours.
05 Jul 2016
I bought this lipstick in the shade 48 and it's like a dark brown and smells like all lipsticks a sweet smell. I really like the colour and that it applies on smoothly and it gives the lipstick a shiny look on the lips, the only thing is that it's not long lasting when I eat and drink it totally comes off from the middle section of my lips but on the edge it stays on so it looks like I have just got lip liner on.
11 Oct 2017
I got this lipstick off a friend and oh my days! I love it! I don't really like any of the other Kate lipsticks other than the nude range. I intend to buy this whole range. There so creamy and stay on for a long time. They also have a nude for whatever skin tone. I find it difficult to find one that doesn't wash me out. But I LOVE these!
15 Mar 2016
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