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Got a couple of these (a bright red and a more nude colour) and they're some of the best lipsticks I've ever tried! Nice, even application with a creamy texture so it's not drying on the lips (great for those with constantly dry lips). They also have a really good colour selection to suit all skin tones. It also lasts really well throughout the day for a creamier lipstick.
30 May 2016
lipstick lipstick who dont need lipstick? everyone needs their lipstick they make ur lips look nice glamorous gorgeous and better for kissing with
31 Jul 2016
Not normally a fan of bright red lipsticks however this one changed my opinion I think it could suite any person. It's creme texture hydrates your lips not leaving them chapped or dry.
25 Jul 2016
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Wow! I love this lipstick it is so moisturising on your lips and makes them feel so soft. They are very pigmented and very good for people who dry lips. I don't just wear this lipstick through the day I wear it on a night too because I think it just soothes your lips just like a balm.
17 Jun 2016
Lovely creamy buttery lipsticks. Very moisturising on your lips and keeps them hydrated. Great pigmentation and wonderful for people with dry lips. Fabulous for the price
13 Jul 2016
I got mine in Apple Blossom which is a really wearable nude lipstick (whether i'm pale or tanned). I love the consistency as it doesn't dry out my lips. I think these cost about £2 which is nothing for the quality you get.
31 Jul 2010
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ive got quite dry lips so i thought maybe it would cling on but oh was i wrong, this is such an amazing lipstick! i can't stop mentioning to my friends, super moisturizing makes your lips look flawless covers up cracks and dry parts perfectly and doesn't make your lips dryer when you have to take it off, the pigment is incredible but i wish they had more range of colours
13 Sep 2015
Excellent staying power
After just using lipgloss for the last few years because any lipstick I use drys my lips out I wanted to give this a go as was feeling kinda drab. I went for Raspberry & the colour is amazing, it will stay for hours. I did find it dries my lips a bit so I've been putting a little bit of lip gloss on the top which works a treat. I would buy this product again. I also liked the price of it as it wasn't to expensive
13 Mar 2017
Long wearing colour
I love the feel of this lipstick on as its not too dry but not greasy feeling. It has a huge range of colours and they last so well. Have to reapply after food but is fine on a night out in the pub drinking. I prefer the dark shades as I have naturally dark lips so I think nude shades look hideous on me (No I don't want concealer on my lips thank you very much!) so it's important that the colour stays on well.
06 Mar 2017
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