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Got a couple of these (a bright red and a more nude colour) and they're some of the best lipsticks I've ever tried! Nice, even application with a creamy texture so it's not drying on the lips (great for those with constantly dry lips). They also have a really good colour selection to suit all skin tones. It also lasts really well throughout the day for a creamier lipstick.
30 May 2016
Not normally a fan of bright red lipsticks however this one changed my opinion I think it could suite any person. It's creme texture hydrates your lips not leaving them chapped or dry.
25 Jul 2016
lipstick lipstick who dont need lipstick? everyone needs their lipstick they make ur lips look nice glamorous gorgeous and better for kissing with
31 Jul 2016
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8 Reviews
Perfect matte
As someone who has dry lips and mattes usually dry them out too much, this is perfect. It is moisturising and dries very nicely, no pieces crumbling off or anything. It stays on all day and doesn't transfer at all! It also sits very nicely, doesn't crack or feel too thick.
16 Oct 2018
Comfortable !
This formula is so comfortable when dried down on the lips. Packaging is really pretty too. It’s thin but the pigmentation is fantastic. 100% recommend.
02 Aug 2018
So pretty
Such a thin, extremely opaque, lightweight liquid that dries to complete matte! (Which isn’t as common as you’d think with matte liquid lipstick)
04 Nov 2017
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John Lewis
4 Reviews
I recently bought this in red because I have dry lips.This is a great pruduct. It's like lip balm with colour that keeps the lips hydrated, shiny and smooth.I will be getting a few more colours.
09 Jun 2015
Although this is good for moisturizing with a bit of colour, I found the consistency rather sticky and it tends to make the dry skin on my lips peel, rather than soften. Its a no from me, but I'm sure others may have a different experience.
01 Jun 2016
I must own 7-8 of these I live that you can layer the product for different looks glosses also wear well over the top five a nice moisturiser to the lips aswell good colour range and won't bleed
31 Jan 2016
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