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15 Reviews
Amazing lip balm, smells fantastic and works wonders on chapped lips in winter. Really good price for this great product!
29 Nov 2015
This is a good basic lip balm it's quite thick but moisturises well.I prefer tinted lip balms but this is good in winter months.
16 Mar 2016
A very good lip-balm, very moisturising and good during winter. I'm not a fan of the smell of cocoa butter, and it does take a while to soak in but apart from that I love it
21 Dec 2015
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Garden Pharmacy
31 Reviews
Amazing during the winter months as it leaves your lips so soft and hydrated. During the winter my lips get really dry and cracked but this lip balm totally defeated this!
27 Mar 2016
I bought this product once as a last resort when nothing else was working on my chapped lips and now its one of the first things I buy when winter comes around, I love it soo much.
16 Apr 2016
I like using this as an everyday moisturiser for my lips or applying before lipstick but I don't think it does a lot if you have chapped lips. More of a summer product than a winter one as well.
28 Nov 2016
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23 Reviews
Would recommend anyone to buy this product! Perfect for the winter. Lips feel really moisturised!
10 Oct 2016
This is the only product I use in the winter when my lips are really struggling. Offers quick relief in hours which is a must for me when it's cold. Wouldn't use anything else. A little goes a long way!
27 Jun 2012
This is really effective at helping sore, chapped lips, especially when you have a cold or in the middle of winter. This is definitely the king/queen of all lip balms/butters/creams as nothing is quite as good. ~R~
08 Mar 2015
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