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This is amazing, it smells great, moisturises and softens my lips, but also provides instant pain relief for cracked and sore lips
20 Jul 2016
Always have it
I ensure I have this in my handbag at all time as I offer with incredible dry chapped and even cold sore lips :( this soothe my lips and adds back much needed moisture but doesn’t feel too oily on my lips either. Stays on for a while but actually works wonders when I do feel cracked skin on my lips. Used it for years and will continue doing so
23 Mar 2018
I pop a generous amount of this on my lips before bed and i wake up with perfectly smooth lips! Great for sore lips that are cracked and chapped.
20 Apr 2012
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7 Reviews
Stunning product. I had dry, cracked, sore lips and had used multiple products for days with no effect. I tried this and within an hour I felt better and after another 2 applications my lips were healing. Nothing has ever worked this quickly on my winter damaged lips. Excellence as usual from Clinique.
26 Jul 2015
this makes my lips feel really soft and prepares them well for lipstick/lipgloss as makes it smoother to apply, it definitely helps to keep them on longer too! it feels soothing on my lips aswell, however after a few minutes my lips begin to feel dry but not chapped, so i recomment using this with another lip balm
12 Jun 2011
I've bought this product twice now and think it really helps with making my lips smooth before applying lipstick however it doesn't help with keeping the lips moist and getting rid of chapped lips.
29 Sep 2012
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John Lewis
7 Reviews
Best I've Ever Tried!
I've really been struggling this winter with chapped and sore lips and I find that any lip products I use leave my lips desperate for more and even more sore when the product has worn off. Lancome juicy shakers have helped me a lot and were my saviour until I came across this beauty! The thick consistency coats my lips, sealing in the moisture for hours (I applied at 7am this morning and I can still feel it working at 2pm as I am writing) and lasts well through meals. It leaves my lips feeling soothed, moisturised and prevents any further chapping. Also excellent as an overnight treatment.
26 Jan 2018
I received this as a gift and it changed my life! I’m a lip balm addict and cannot stand having dry lips. This lip balm has a thick consistency but easily sweeps across the lips when applied so you don’t need to use much to see the benefits. I previously used various lip balms including carmex and burts bees and they are no match for this luxurious balm!
30 Sep 2018
Too thick and gloopy
This has great reviews and I really wanted to like this product as I'm a Nuxe fan and love their lip moisturising stick, but I really could not get on with this. It has a very thick consistency which reminded me of wallpaper paste and its also very matte so it didn't feel moisturising. It just didn't feel nice on my lips and I did not like the smell at all as it was quite citrusy. I'm slightly obsessed with lip balms so finding the right combination is important to me and this really didn't bring anything to the table.
17 Sep 2017
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