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I love this covers my redness, can be a little cakes, but if blended properly looks fab
21 May 2016
I have bought this foundation many of times and it's absolutely brilliant for my oily/problem skin. I find it covers any redness with ease, and can even cover the darkest of scars/blemishes as this foundation is very buildable. I find this foundation very long lasting, and as an oily person I find myself completely oil free for a good 6 hours. This foundation looks so natural too.
20 Aug 2016
I wanted to try this foundation to see if it would cover my thread veins. I had seen Charlotte Tilbury using for women who had lots of facial redness. I first tried to apply with a brush, but found it difficult to blend, so next with a sponge applicator and that worked so much better for myself. The finish was amazing it looked flawless, but did not have that mask like feel. I loved it
30 Apr 2016
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Charlotte Tilbury
John Lewis
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It is definitely full coverage, and covers redness and blemished very well, but it does leave the skin looking quite cakey and doesn't give you that natural effect.
24 Sep 2016
It's definitely worth the cheap price as it totally covers and hides different skin colours e.g. redness but leaves your skin looking a little dry and doesn't look natural enough.
25 Sep 2016
I did not get on with this foundation, I tried it a few times and it just didn't work for me. It was way too cakey on my skin no matter how much I blended or whether l used a brush or a beauty blender. It also looked quite orangey on my skin even when I used my foundation mixers. The only good thing about this foundation is that it definitely has full coverage as it covered all of my spots and redness.
18 Jul 2017
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Fragrance Direct
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For the price, this foundation is fantastic. It gives a good lasting coverage which doesn't settle into my fine lines. It doesn't feel heavy or cakey and blends easily leaving a healthy, natural finish. I found it didn't irritate my sensitive skin which is a huge bonus as so many foundations tend to cause redness and spots.
04 May 2015
This foundation does not stick to the skin and look cakey, it is medium coverage it hides redness and blemishes on your face and gives a gorgeous glow to the skin it feels super soft and lightweight which is super nice and it lasts for so long. It lasts longer than any of my other high end foundations I love it and would re purchase it again and again
24 Apr 2016
I don't like this quite as much as the regular healthy mix foundation as the coverage isn't as great, but it's really hydrating and covers any slight redness or uneven skin tone. It blends really naturally so it's great for a 'no makeup' makeup day!
27 Jun 2016
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