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favourite foundation of all time- this is perfect for those with oily skin as it really helps to keep oils at bay. In addition the coverage is excellent and is not paired with a heavy, cakey feel on the face. Overall really good full coverage for normal/ oily skin but I wouldn't reccomend it to those with dryer skin.
31 Aug 2015
I believe that this foundation is great, although the shades available are far too pale for usage when having false tan on! The foundation works well with oily skin ( I suffer from extremely oily skin and find it hard to find one that lasts a fair while without needing to top up) I definitely recommend this as a drugstore foundation, however they need to extend the colour range.
09 Aug 2015
I have a love and hate relationship with this foundation, due to my skin being dry and oily , this foundation is very good for people who have oily skin. I get very oily on my T-zone and chin and I do see the the foundation has a matte finish and makes your skin feel soft. It does not stay on for 24 hours , stays matte for a good 3 to 4 hours. Overall its a good foundation for beginners.
01 Apr 2016
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Good for oily skin
This foundation is good for oily skin types and good for coveraging pores on the skin , would definitely recommend
09 Jan 2017
Love this foundation, just doesn't last that long. I would only wear this for a few hours before it starts showing through a few pores around the nose. i have very oily skin, and although this is for normal to oily skin, I just don't think it's got that long lasting matte effect that I enjoy out of foundations. Do I like it? Yes, but is it my favourite? No
23 Jun 2016
Good foundation for the price, amazing for people with oily skin, if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend it but overall colour is good, the texture is good and it lasts all day
03 Dec 2016
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I love the idea of this foundation but I found it didn't get on with my skin type. My oily skin just made the foundation slip all over my face, until it found an odd dry patch and it clung on for dear life. That said, I gave it to my Mum and she seems to be getting on fine with it.
18 Apr 2015
I have extremely oily skin and this foundation is a good idea, but just doesn't work with my skin! I feel it doesn't have enough coverage for the price but the foundation does last a while, shame it doesn't do much for me. Very expensive, the foundation with the special applicators brush costs £50.
04 Oct 2015
I'm not a fan of this! Brought as I fancied a change from Clinique but was a big mistake yes you only need a tiny amount and the brush you get free is great but it takes forever to blend in and the face veil makes my t zone look like I've got really bad dry skin! When I fact I have oily skin. I did like the coverage but wouldn't buy again
07 May 2016
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