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foundation it was brilliant giving full coverage and even tone, this was easy to apply and had no streaky~ness to it, i would defo buy again.
04 Jan 2011
this product is very good as it offers full coverage and a nice smooth photoshop finish, I would recommend this product to anyone,as it suits very different face types and shapes.
20 Sep 2015
Although on the slightly more pricey range this foundation gives great coverage. The brush is very soft and glides across the skin well and the foundation itself is more like a mousse and is weightless on the skin giving the feeling that it's not really there. I love this foundation as it gives me full coverage without the heavy feel.
29 Mar 2016
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6 Reviews
This is by far the best foundation I have used, great price, brilliant full coverage and a lovely finish.
13 Nov 2017
Good shades that aren't too warm and so go great with my very fair skin. Full coverage with a thick consistency and so not much product is needed. As it is a full coverage it feels abit thick on the skin however it covers pigmentation and blemishes nicely. Not my favourite foundation yet great value for money so would definitely buy this again if on a tight budget and need a foundation.
15 Aug 2016
Bought this as the seventeen range is going to be no longer available soon. Paid £1.70 for the foundation and I'm so impressed. Very full coverage and beautiful shade. Very sad that I've found this foundation now that the range is becoming extinct as such. Only rated four stars as round my nose became a little patchy as the day went on. Could be the weird orange thing in the sky giving us unusually hot weather in Scotland.
21 May 2018
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Pretty good
I really like this foundation! It gives medium coverage, but it is buildable (though I wouldn't say to full coverage). It gives quite a dewy finish, and lasts quite well on my skin type (very dry).It doesn't feel that heavy on my skin, and doesn't crease or settle into any fine lines (with setting powder) - this is really a deal breaker for me because I naturally have creases under my eyes and deep set smile lines. I got the shade F6 which is a perfect match, but I hope they will come out with more shades in the future.
24 Mar 2018
Seeing mixed reviews on this. But I love it, it’s super creamy and applies very well. I have tried blending it with a brush and my fingers. I would recommend using fingers to blend in as a brush takes away too much product and just moves it around. After blending with fingers, I use a beauty blender to smooth it out. And it is medium to full coverage, But easy to layer up. Looks seamless and very nice in skin🙌🏻💕
10 Mar 2018
I actually really like this - it's perfect for my skin type. It does go on very well and blends quite quickly - although it is a medium coverage and I prefer more full coverage I was pretty happy with the results two layers gave me. This also doesn't seem to have sunk too much into my pores which is a big plus for me personally - maybe the benefit of a lighter coverage! For the price I'm pretty happy with this! The shade F4 was actually a decent match as I guessed from their shade guide - I do get worried when ordering online in case the shade is too dark or light!
13 Mar 2018
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