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This is by far the best foundation I have used, great price, brilliant full coverage and a lovely finish.
13 Nov 2017
Good shades that aren't too warm and so go great with my very fair skin. Full coverage with a thick consistency and so not much product is needed. As it is a full coverage it feels abit thick on the skin however it covers pigmentation and blemishes nicely. Not my favourite foundation yet great value for money so would definitely buy this again if on a tight budget and need a foundation.
15 Aug 2016
Bought this as the seventeen range is going to be no longer available soon. Paid £1.70 for the foundation and I'm so impressed. Very full coverage and beautiful shade. Very sad that I've found this foundation now that the range is becoming extinct as such. Only rated four stars as round my nose became a little patchy as the day went on. Could be the weird orange thing in the sky giving us unusually hot weather in Scotland.
21 May 2018
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10 Reviews
This foundation is perfect for dry skin, it covers up all redness and problematic discolouring. The only thing is their shades aren't as light for pale skin people meaning there is a slight yellow orange undertone. None the less, this foundation is very full coverage and blend able :)
17 Jul 2016
This isn't too bad. It's full coverage but it doesn't feel it on the skin. It covers blemishes and redness really well but it doesn't last long. By the end of the day my face is patchy and a lot of it has rubbed off and my face is oily
07 Aug 2018
Amazing coverage :) i have problematic skin and this has helped alot to cover up
15 Apr 2016
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Garden Pharmacy
Beauty Expert
10 Reviews
Great coverage even better price!!
This full coverage foundation comes with a large shade range and can cater to Most skin types
21 Jul 2018
this foundation has good coverage but it feels so heavy on your face. I know that full coverage foundations can sometimes feel heavy but considering how it feels, it should be more full coverage. The formula is thick so takes a lot to blend and doesn't blend well at all with a brush.
01 Oct 2018
Great coverage
Finally found a foundation at an affordable price that works. Definitely full coverage. Wears well and in many different shades
14 Jan 2019
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TAM Beauty

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