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This is my absolute favourite foundation!! I have really sensitive skin and this foundation works wonders with my acne :D
26 Jul 2010
This foundation gave me just the coverage that I wanted for my acne and redness without using very much and it still felt really light and natural on my skin. It must be one of the most radiant and illuminating foundations ever, when applied it makes your skin look so alive and glowy! I found that through the day, although it did stay on, I became very oily looking as I do have very oily skin
31 Mar 2016
Really nice foundation for everyday wear, can be built up. Light coverage, dewy look and feel. Better for dry skin and it's very liquidy. Not very good for acne prone/ blemished skin. Evens skin colour eg dark circles and red patches. Not very good at covering spots.
23 Aug 2016
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my absolute favourite!! I was recently on roaccutane for my acne this really dried my skin out & made it extremely difficult to achieve a flawless finish! That is until I found this AMAZING product. It's completely buildable so you can have as little or as much on as you want. I set mine afterwards and this keeps it looking fresh all day long. Great for covering acne scars too
08 Aug 2015
I used to love this foundation but now i hate it! not a foundation for people with acne or oily skin like myself. So thick and hard to blend. Also hate the packaging. Just not a fan of this foundation at all and would recommend anyone with similar skin to myself to stay as far away from this foundation as possible. Hit or miss..
28 Nov 2015
Although this foundation is very full coverage, it can be sheered out using moisturiser. It blends beautifully and is very long wearing and as with all mac foundations there is an extensive range of shades. I have very dry, acne prone skin and I find that the coverage is perfect to cover my breakouts, however sometimes it needs to be heavily powdered over breakouts/oily areas as it breaks down.
28 Mar 2016
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Will never buy this product again ! I used to have acne and the beauty advisor told me that this would be the right foundation as it's light and covers at the same time. At the end, I found myself with more acné and an irritated skin everytime i was using this product. Doesnt recommend it! And very expensive
27 May 2016
Even though it is quite pricey the bottle lasts for a long period of time as you only need to apply a small amount. It feels light on your face and has helped to clear up some of the redness of my acne. I have also found that along side 3 step anti blemish solutions skin care this product has improved my acne.
01 Jan 2016
This product does what is says on the tin. At the time i suffered from MAJOR acne, so anyone would want to cover up as well as fighting the acne. This really helped my skin out and didn't cake up and make me feel heavy.
27 Mar 2016
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