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6 Reviews
I've used this product a lot since I bought it around a year ago - it's great for creating a daytime natural look or a more glam nighttime look. It's a great price too & the pigmentation is pretty good. I haven't used the blush (not really my thing) but love the eyeshadows. Very versatile.
15 Oct 2016
Perfect range in shades of brown for the eye shadow, perfect to create a natural looking smoky eye.I love the hint of glitter in the shadows as they add a subtle glow to the eye without going overboard. The kit is the perfect size and shape, can easily fit in my bag either during the day or for a weekend away.
22 Sep 2015
I really like this palette, the combination of colours gives a really nice natural smokey eye look. Good for day or night, would definitely recommend
14 Feb 2016
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25 Reviews
I really like this product. The eyeshadow's are pigmented and easy to apply and blend. It contains all the colours that you would need on an everyday basis to complete a natural look. The only downside is that there is a lot of fall out with them.
24 Oct 2015
This is a good nude palette which I use everyday at the moment, but you do need to get quite a lot on your brush too apply it. I feel it doesn't show up as much as it looks on the palette, the colors are lovely but you need plenty of product on your brush.
08 Nov 2015
This is the most staple palette ever and if you're starting in makeup would definitely recommend it! It has all the shades you want for an everyday simple eye look but it has a brown/black in it so can be smoked up as much as you want! Would definitely recommend it! X
24 Jan 2016
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6 Reviews
Follows it's name
This pallette lives up to its name. The colours aren't too pigmented and intense giving a more natural look for everyday use. I've heard people say the colours aren't as pigmented as they'd like however it's is a " natural" pallette
16 Aug 2017
I got this for Christmas and I love the shades, it has really pretty colours, and definitely gives you the natural eye look.
27 Jan 2017
Everyday palette
This eyeshadow palette is the ideal palette for the everyday look. It has medium pigmentation so means you can work your look 'up' and not overdo it if your new to eye shadow. Colours look lovely when you blend and stay on all day with minimal crease (for me at least!) darker shades help create the bold look when shading under eyes! Overall a well rounded palette and lasts a very long time!
22 Aug 2017
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