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Lasts all day and has a easy application to get my winged eyeliner how I want it, also very affordable compared to Mac and urban decay
08 Jan 2016
Good for an everyday liner but the stiff spongey brush makes it hard to get a smooth pointed wing.
23 Jan 2016
Used to love the Collection eyeliner pen but found after an hour my eyes would water so much the wing would smudge and look awful! However with this that problem doesn't happen it's very easy to apply and lasts all day and don't smudge even if my eyes water! The nib is really thin for sharp precise application which really makes a difference when attempting wings!
21 May 2016
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I'm in like with this Mac gel. It's so easy to apply and give a more crisp finish on a winged look.
25 Jan 2016
Amazing! It is really dark and when paired with an angle brush it gives the perfect sharo winged liner that could kill! Also good smudged to created smoke eyes. You also dont need a lot of product so its definitely worth the price. Would reccommend to everyone.
23 Feb 2017
This stuff is great it works and creates the great winged eyeliner and great for blending out as a smokey eye if wanted there is a lot of product and goes along way i would definitely consider people to but this product but make sure not to leave lid of otherwise will go dry and be as good to work with:)
06 May 2017
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House of Fraser
57 Reviews
I have this in both brown and black and I love them both the colour is bold and stays bold after a 13 hour night shift my eyes still look great and my wing has not moved. The brush is great too I never struggle to make a great wing. The pot also lasts ages.
29 May 2016
Brilliant gel liner, glides on so easily and makes winged eyeliner a breeze. It is easy to fix mistakes, unlike liquid eyeliners. It lasts all day. I would highly recommend!
22 May 2015
This eyeliner is long lasting and easy to remove. Unlike some eyeliners the colour doesn't fade throughout the course of the day; however, like with most products, I found that I had to buy a different brush to use as this one is to thick, especially for winged eyeliner.
02 Jul 2015
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