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Lasts all day and has a easy application to get my winged eyeliner how I want it, also very affordable compared to Mac and urban decay
08 Jan 2016
Good for an everyday liner but the stiff spongey brush makes it hard to get a smooth pointed wing.
23 Jan 2016
Used to love the Collection eyeliner pen but found after an hour my eyes would water so much the wing would smudge and look awful! However with this that problem doesn't happen it's very easy to apply and lasts all day and don't smudge even if my eyes water! The nib is really thin for sharp precise application which really makes a difference when attempting wings!
21 May 2016
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I'm in like with this Mac gel. It's so easy to apply and give a more crisp finish on a winged look.
25 Jan 2016
So good
This is like the only pot liner i use, i usually stick to felt tips because i feel like they are easier to use but when i tries this i found it to be suprisingly so easy to use easier than some felt tips! This is such a great eyeliner i use this so much and the pot is still hardly used, you need the smallest amount to get a great winged or not winged liner. This is a very very black liner it doesnt need a second layer at all, it isnt sheer or streaky either! This simply glides onto the eyes i love how precise i can be with it and how i can get a super sharp and very bold wing. This liner doesnt smudge or even budge at all once its set which only takes seconds. I can create so many wings with this in just a few minutes if even! This is super easy to use especialy with a good small liner brush. I apsolutly love this no doubt this and the illemasqua pot liners are the best!!
28 Aug 2019
This Mac gel eyeliner is one of the best I've ever used because unlike liquid it doesn't smudge so it really good for winged eyeliner and it gives it a more finished look too
16 Jan 2016
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30 Reviews
average eye liner
I like that this liner is completely matte, but the applicator can be a little tricky. It is very fine and is amazing at getting close to the lash line- particularly in the inner corner- but its hard to wing out because the brush is so flimsy. I don't do winged liner on a regular basis- so this eyeliner works well for me for every day use. It stays put very well- even in the inner corner- but it's nothing outstanding. When I run out I'll move onto something else and try something new, but this is a good, standard eyeliner
03 Mar 2018
Bought it to try something different, it's not very pigmented and sometimes need to go over it to make it look more black but the brush is so good for a thin wing
16 Apr 2016
Amazing Product
This eyeliner is my holy grail item, I have been using this product for years and it never fails to impress. The intense black colour lasts all day and the application is smooth, for users new to makeup it does take a practice to perfect the perfect wing liner but once you are a pro, you will purchase this product again and again.
19 Apr 2017
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