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32 Reviews
A greatveyeliner, especially for lineing your waterline, however the product does wear off quite quickly
17 Sep 2015
The colour is strong and can be blended easily. It stays on the waterline for a while and is very durable. It does come off during the day however for the price of £3 it is one of the best drugstore eyeliners I have come across
14 Oct 2015
I have this in the colour White and I use it on the lower waterline to give my eyes the illusion of being larger and more open. The colour payoff is decent and the texture is smooth so that it doesn't cause discomfort to apply. Looking to try other brands and products so wont be re-purchasing.
27 Aug 2016
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Marks and Spencer
7 Reviews
Very creamy and easy to apply to the waterline. This eyeliner wont budge or smear!! X
29 Jun 2016
I have super watery eyes so in my waterline most eyeliners disappear but this one lasts the best but does wear off right on the outer corners but it's nothing major. It is a twistable eyeliner and it's lasted me a lot longer than I initially expected and takes away the mess of having to sharpen and creamy kohl pencil
27 Jul 2016
Such a creamy and pigmented eyeliner! I have quite sensitive waterlines which can make my eyes water with some eyeliners which affects the colour payoff, but not with this one! It glides on with intense colour, doesn't irritate and lasts all day with minimal smudging (and I'm an eye rubber :P). Final little benefit is that it is retractable (the cherry on the cake)
20 Sep 2016
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Cult Beauty
21 Reviews
It is so cheap and does quite a good job, especially on your waterline as i find it really hard to find a good eyeliner for your waterline. but if you put on the top of your lid or under your lower lashes it will smudge! :-) x
03 Jan 2011
This eyeliner is really good, I use a little bit of the white one on my waterline and it really makes my eyes look wider. The tip is quite soft, however I prefer to rub some on my fingertip and stroke it on, as it's very difficult to get it wrong. The colour stays on all day, it's very good and I would reccomend it to anyone :)
07 Aug 2010
This eyeliner is cheap and comes in a varity of colours. I doesnt smudge off your waterline easily so it last a long time. If you wear it on your top lash line it will smudge if you want the smudged effect. The only down side is, it is hard to remove.
31 Dec 2010
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