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only eyeliner i will ever use, so easy so apply and so black, defiantly recommend if you're having trouble doing a cat eye because this makes it effortless
23 Sep 2016
I completely 100% recommend this product, it is so pigmented and perfect for the style i want especially a deep cat eye. This eye liner glides onto your eye so easily with a sharp line,however you do need a very steady hand to ensure you don't knock the line out of place. I have had this eye liner for about a year now and I still haven't run out of it,absolutely love this product.
09 Mar 2016
This is a definite must have for liquid eyeliner, it has a dark thick colour and the nib is just the right size and shape to glide on for cat eyes and flicks! It's also quite easy to remove if you make a mistake. Stay on well, although can smudge in the corner of the eye.
05 Sep 2013
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Used this product twice now and I find it the easiest eye liner to apply a cat eye, the only down fall are that they run out fast and rubs off quite fast too!
24 Apr 2016
I love this felt tipped liner - the tip is firm and not bendy which makes it excellent for accurate lining and any wingtips / cat eyes required!Doesn't drag on application and also doesn't crack when dry as some felt liners I've used have.
22 Oct 2013
It is easy to apply, but I feel like it always needs another coat, as it isn't super black. Also, it definitely isn't made for 'wear and tear' as it rubs off and pales quite easily, but it looks great in a strong cat eye for a night out. It is versatile too, as it can be subtle or bold. I will buy again, but it isn't irreplaceable!
17 Sep 2014
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My most favourite eyeliner I've ever bought! Its jet black unlike other 'black' eyeliners which come out smokey. I use it everyday -twice if I'm going out in the evening, i've had it for a year and it hasn't reached the half way point yet! Perfect for the cat eye look, you just paint it on- and it's a lot easier to control than liquid eyeliners!
07 Apr 2012
Everyone has said this eyeliner is amazing. its good, but on my eyes it transfers to my upper eye lid and rubs off in the corners. i dont know whether this is just due to my skin type.
20 Apr 2012
Love this eyeliner. Having a brush gives you much more control than with a pencil liner. For daytime I keep my top line thin and only line the outer of my lower (I have small eyes so a full lower line would make them look smaller). For a night look a can layer as much of it as I like and if I have used my E.L.F eye primer it will still be there the next day (if I forgot to take it off).
11 Oct 2013
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