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39 Reviews
not full coverage for promblem areas not good for oily skin makes spots more clearer
11 Feb 2016
this concealer is really moist and last a very long time time it covers up spots etc very well x
05 Aug 2015
Very good to cover any dark circles under eyes and any red spots that need covering! I love this product and would definelty buy it again
11 Aug 2015
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Fragrance Direct
House of Fraser
135 Reviews
One of the best high street brand concealers. Amazing coverage from dark circles to spots for an amazing price.
18 May 2016
Good but some trouble
I got this concealer to cover my spots, which it worked really well on. It looked as if some of my blemishes were gone. But there was some trouble with the sponge on top so I ended up using a brush. Also a lot of concealer came out at once meaning some was wasted. But to cover spots this is great
03 Mar 2017
I bought this product knowing that it got high reviews on here I was a but skeptical at first but wow it really covers up any redness and dark spots which I don't particularly find with most concealers, lasts all day and is suitable for any skin tone! I highly recommend
08 Jun 2017
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18 Reviews
Covers spot and red patches on your skin, really blends in. Would definitely use this again.
03 Nov 2016
I think this concealer deserves a higher rating! I use this every day, its great for contouring! Its light and blends well but still gives you the coverage you need to conceal the dark circles under your eyes or that spot that wont go away. I would say its on par with Nars and Benefit concealers. The price is brilliant as I use a lot of this stuff so I'm always buying a top up!
06 Feb 2016
This product is brilliant! The concealer is very pigmented meaning it can cover dark patches such as under the eyes or scars. The concealer covers spots and scabs well and does not rub off throughout the day which is a bonus unlike some other concealers.
17 Apr 2016
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Fragrance Direct

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