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3 Reviews
brilliant product i always use this on spots and blemishes. it helps to get rid of the spots which is a bonus. don't have to use much at all as the tiniest drop of it spreads really far, so it lasts ages. i always use it as a base for the anti blemish foundation so the coverage is really good and actually hides my spots. the product does dry out quickly though when its out the the tube
18 Mar 2013
Good on spots. Helps clear them very well, smells good however the product drys very very quickly
07 Nov 2015
the only concealer I would ever buy, although it lasts so long I won't to buy it again for a while. Covers any redness straight away, and actually helps to reduce spots. Would have 5 stars except the shades are limited and it's slightly too pale for my skin so I couldn't wear it alone without putting powder/foundation over it.
20 Sep 2015
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36 Reviews
not full coverage for promblem areas not good for oily skin makes spots more clearer
11 Feb 2016
this concealer is really moist and last a very long time time it covers up spots etc very well x
05 Aug 2015
Very good to cover any dark circles under eyes and any red spots that need covering! I love this product and would definelty buy it again
11 Aug 2015
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16 Reviews
this concealer is quit thick but in a good way in covers all blemishes spots and broken blood cappillairies its an all day corerage concealer i love it!
17 Oct 2010
i really liked this concealer, it is great for covering dark circles and spots and it lasts all day, but i did find that there wasn't very much so i ran out really quickly.
23 Oct 2010
It matches my skin good, and feels like i'm not even wearing it. It reflects light so my dark circles are more covered up and are less noticeable. I can use it around my nose and on spots and the brush feels soft. Another great product from collection 2000!
17 Oct 2010
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