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24 Reviews
I would definitely recommend this product for anyone, like me, that suffers from dark circles underneath their eyes. It blends into my skin quickly and is gentle on sensitive skin. Not only does the delicate brush make it easy to apply, while giving an even coverage, but it is totally affordable!
09 Sep 2015
Although this concealer gives a light weight feeling it does not have very good coverage and will not last throughout the day. I wouldn't recommend this especially if you have oily skin as it will leave your skin feeling even more oily. The only upside is it matches well with different skin tones and it is also reasonable in price, however for me personally I would not buy this again.
04 Jul 2016
reasonable coverage
Offers a reasonable amount of coverage and is great when being blended. It stays on oily skin and goes a matte substance when applied.
12 Jan 2017
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36 Reviews
I think it's really amazing. Does a great job it covers everything.i have a sensitive skin so i find products difficult. But with these concealer I have no problem with my skin. Thank you Mac
08 Jan 2016
Great for dark skin works wondersOn my dry patches of skin, great colour match for olive skin.
17 Jan 2016
not full coverage for promblem areas not good for oily skin makes spots more clearer
11 Feb 2016
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7 Reviews
I found this product amazing! It covers all shadows, blemishes, scars, spots, you name it! It's great if you have dry skin because it replenishes it and moisturises it at the same time. It's also great if you're like me and are sensitive to pretty much all make up products so they make your skin patchy and dry.
06 Jun 2016
I'm really impressed with this! It's creamy and easy to use. It really does brighten up the under eye and gives my skin that glow. It doesn't crease and it definitely covers any dark circles.
14 Mar 2018
Love this concealer !
This is my favourite concealer it covers dark circles and any blemishes. It’s very smooth and creamy so doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I have already re-purchased and I will continue to !!
23 Sep 2018
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Estee Lauder
John Lewis

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