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Best Concealer For Dry Skin

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A more detailed look at some Concealer products best suited to particular conditions and attributes, based upon your reviews.

8 Reviews
Really good
I use this to spot conceal, use on my under eyes and clean up my eyebrows. It is a nice consistency and really cheap. The only thing is that it can look Cakey especially in dry areas so if you have dry skin I don't recommend using it for spot concealing etc.
07 Feb 2017
probably not
maybe my dark caves were the problem but it didn't do much to conceal at all. Tried to use it under my eyes but since Ive got creases under my eyes and serious bad circles (thanks a levels) it aged my skin by 20 years.
11 Jun 2018
This is one of the few concealers I’ve used that actually works. I have really bad (hereditary) dark circles around my eyes and this concealer actually covers them up (all day) without even needing to use much! It’s also one of the best matches for my skin tone. It does feel quite heavy on though and I would advise a good translucent setting powder to help prevent creasing. But all in all it’s well worth a try and I’ll be buying it again
12 Sep 2018
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Cult Beauty
14 Reviews
This concealer is long wear and creamy. It is perfect for under eye as it is very brightening or on any blemishes as its coverage is amazing. Only downfall is it could be more moisterising as it isnt good on dry skin
05 Feb 2016
Provides good coverage and works well against blemishes. But primer or moisturiser is needed otherwise the product can become blotchy on dry skin and hard to blend.
30 Apr 2016
This concealer has great coverage - however it clings to dry patches very easily and slides off oily patches. It also oxidises to a very orange colour on my skin, even with the most pale shade. It 'sets' very quickly and is therefore hard to blend, and creases very very easily under the eyes.
08 May 2016
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Beauty Expert
9 Reviews
For how thick it is still didn’t give full cover
I got this because Thataylaa recommended this mixed with flower beauty light illusion and she said she got high coverage, now, I have only used this mixture once and it didn’t mix well. This is a dry concealer not good for dry skin like mine.
16 Jun 2019
This is a really good concealer for the price, I had no trouble finding a shade that suited my skin tone, it blended out beautifully, I was a little worried when I first applied as it's quick a thick formula, but it worked wonderfully for me. Lasted well throughout the day, the only thing I would say is you can't waste time when blending it out as it did dry pretty quick, but overall pretty good.
20 Aug 2019
the 16 hour camo concealer has full coverage but it’s drying and dries very quickly. so many different colours, so something will work for everyone
24 Mar 2019
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