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This concealer is long wear and creamy. It is perfect for under eye as it is very brightening or on any blemishes as its coverage is amazing. Only downfall is it could be more moisterising as it isnt good on dry skin
05 Feb 2016
Provides good coverage and works well against blemishes. But primer or moisturiser is needed otherwise the product can become blotchy on dry skin and hard to blend.
30 Apr 2016
This concealer has great coverage - however it clings to dry patches very easily and slides off oily patches. It also oxidises to a very orange colour on my skin, even with the most pale shade. It 'sets' very quickly and is therefore hard to blend, and creases very very easily under the eyes.
08 May 2016
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Fragrance Direct
67 Reviews
Good concealer but can get quite cakey - good for oily to normal skin but on dry skin it can get patchy
07 Apr 2016
Really good coverage and feels really light. Can be really hard to blend into dry skin and does look cakey after a few hours
17 Dec 2016
Very good for concealing blemishes, but too thick and dry for under eyes. I would recommend warming it up with a finger before applying in order to make the blending easier and less cakey. If you have very dry skin this probably isn't for you. It lasts a long long time and when you're finished, remember to keep the pot as if you bring a few back to mac they will give you a free lipstick!
22 Jul 2014
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House of Fraser
27 Reviews
I use this as part of contouring. It's a great colour however quite hard to blend and creases. Not amazing for dry skin but if applied correctly is actually really good!
01 Jan 2016
This product is not the best. I purchased the pink one to hide under eye circles and darkness and although it did work, it started to wear off pretty quickly and made my eyes look dry and wrinkly. I feel a more cream based concealer/corrector would be more suitable. However, its great for taking away with you and if you have the time to top your makeup up throughout the day.
23 Jan 2016
the consular gives you an amazing look, and goes well with any skin types and foundations it is a very smooth felling to you skin and makes you look very clean,nautrual and clear I love thus when I put it on I feel amazing and confident ! love it
26 Aug 2015
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Fragrance Direct

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