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24 Reviews
I love this product it makes the dark circles under my eyes vanish, fantastic coverage! I love this product and it is so affordable
04 Oct 2015
There is one good point about this product the lightest shade (Ivory) gives good highlight! But I wouldn't buy this product again although it's a good price which everyone is looking for it doesn't cover the areas as I would like it too I suffer from dark circles around the eyes and it doesn't cover them up but added another product over the top helps!
15 Jan 2016
Love this concealer! Gives me a good enough coverage might not for everyone. Blends really well! I have the lightest shade, Ivory. It covers my dark circles flawlessly!
16 Jan 2016
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135 Reviews
Love this Concelar it covers my dark circles and my imperfections highly recommend this product
23 Aug 2016
Brilliant for dark circles
I have dark circles under my eyes and this concealer if perfect for coverage
17 Jan 2017
Not the best coverage
although this concealer does bright the undereyes to the gods it does still leave some dark circles below your eyes :(
01 Sep 2017
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Urban Decay
John Lewis
Indulge Beauty
23 Reviews
Perfect for those dark circles. Blends in with foundation leaving a flawless finish. And no puffiness
28 Jun 2016
It does wonders for my dark circles - This is mainly because I only have darkness towards my inner eye corner, but if you have puffier undereye circles this may not be the best thing for you. I love to just blend a little in and cover it up with a light concealer. It works great!
09 Oct 2016
so i have relatively dark circles and eyelids mainly due to allergies. i bought this concealer in the hopes of it giving me the best coverage ever, and being of slightly darker skin tones.YOUR BAGS SHOWS. And there's really nothing you can do about it unless your willing to pay high end prices. overall it covers more or less half my dark circles, but doesn't quite do the trick for me. although it has an extremely creamy texture which is amazing for dry skin. it isn't the concealer for me as i would prefer a more high coverage concealer.
30 Jul 2017
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