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A more detailed look at some Concealer products best suited to particular conditions and attributes, based upon your reviews.

73 Reviews
Great coverage
Great texture, easy to work with and good coverage. Also can be used for cream contouring!
08 Jan 2017
MAC Studio Finish Concealer is the perfect concealer for contouring or covering up blemishes! I have purchased the colour NC15 which is a couple of shades lighter then my Studio Finish Foundation, So i can use it to concealer and highlight my face. This is perfect for covering up and contouring 100% recommend
31 Oct 2015
This product is well worth the money. It provides a great base for foundation if your prefer to use it underneath, it sits on top of your foundation perfectly and would be good for cream contouring.
03 Apr 2016
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164 Reviews
This product is perfect if you are using it to contour. For example I bought a dark shade and I use it on my nose and it is the perfect nose contour however when I used this as a concealer under the eyes and to highlight the highpoints of my face I found it was really thick and sat in all the fine lines especially my smile lines. Would reccomend this product to contour but not to conceal.
04 Jan 2016
This product is absolutely amazing for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes and also contouring. I use a light shade for underneath my eyes and i use a dark brown to contour my cheeks and forehead. Contouring was made easy using this, i always struggle to blend my makeup but this is such a gorgeous texture and blends so easily. It is also really affordable and does a ton of different shades.
12 May 2016
I love this product but not so much as a concealer :P I have it in lots of shades and use it to colour correct and contour. I have beautiful bronze for contouring which is a perfect sh ACZ\ade and blends out so easily with a beauty blender. It is especially good for nose contour because of the applicator. My other fave is the green for redness and nude as a peach for dark circles. They work great
20 Sep 2016
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Beauty Bay
104 Reviews
I loved this for a under the eye concealer and I loved it to use as a highlight for my highlight and contour. It is very matte and thick but I really like the finished piece. It makes your skin look really soft. I would get a lighter one if I was to buy again
06 Jan 2016
This is such a great concealer! There are so many colours that will fit your skin tone whether you want to match or highlight/contour with them. Great coverage aswell and I used for lightening foundations aswell as concealers or cleaning up my brows. However I will say it can be quite drying.
12 Feb 2016
My no. 1 favourite concealer! Good all around, use it for blemishes, discolouration, carve out my brows, sharpen my lipstick, and to conceal under my eyes. Also can highlight and contour if you buy a lighter and darker shade. I do set with a powder. Non cakey or drying also use it as an eyeshadow primer
16 Mar 2016
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