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Best concealer!
I use the revlon colour stay concealer in a shade light-medium and it is the only concealer that I’ve found that is the PERFECT match for me! I 100% recommend this concealer if you are looking for a medium coverage for combination skin! It is perfect! And lasts up to 9 hours!
07 Oct 2018
This concealer is good for brightening but the applicator is very spiked and really irritates my skin so I don't recommend this product for any with sensitive skin.
24 Mar 2018
This concealer is long wear and creamy. It is perfect for under eye as it is very brightening or on any blemishes as its coverage is amazing. Only downfall is it could be more moisterising as it isnt good on dry skin
05 Feb 2016
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Beauty Expert
24 Reviews
I was happily surprised with how well this product works. Normally I am reliant on high-end concealers but decided to give this one a go as I found the price very appealing and I was not dissappointed! By far the best drugstore concealer I've found, especially for combination skin.
11 Sep 2016
I really like this concealer as I feel it blends really well into the skin and lasts a long time. It is also one of the only concealer I have found that match my pale skin tone. The coverage is medium but for me that is fine. Overall I really like this product.
11 Apr 2016
Good drugstore concealer. It covers under my eyes really well and primes my eyelids well too. The shade 'extra fair' is the perfect skin tone shade for my skin (it doesn't highlight.) It lasts well too and blends well. It does tend to make me oily and melt around my nose during the day. It also doesn't cover spots fully but it does help. Good product for price.
31 Jul 2016
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28 Reviews
This concealer is great it covers up spots and blemishes really well and the powder provided mattiyifies your face and holds your concealer in place. (you see that rhyme(: ) Also I feel it works for both skin types as I have combination skin and it works on both oily and dry patches.
09 Jan 2016
Creasy and not good for dry skin!
I have tried to use this product a few times, i have especially dry skin, so i always apply moisteriser as a base, but for some reason this concealer just does not do the job, very cakey, and drying to the skin, flakey do not buy! If you have oily skin it coukd work for you tho
23 Aug 2019
This concealer is great if you have noticeable dark circles which are hard to conceal. The fact that it's yellow under toned really helps disguise discolouration (like the purple-blueness of under eye circles). Having dry skin, I am not such a fan of using this on blemishes as it flakes quickly. Also the sponge intended for powder is no use at all as it applies better with a brush.
18 Aug 2015
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