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perfect for acne coverage
In love with this I really liked the look of how the foundation was on my skin so I was so excited to look at this concealer and buy it. I had mixed expectations and I was doubtful and excited. im not that keen on stick foundations I was a bit nervous to try it. but I did really love the foundation so I had high expectations about the coverage. I have quite bad acne and they are very bad and really red. I started out by putting it on my acne and it is absolutely amazing and it just covers it perfectly. I then used it under my eyes and it is just as good. In love . recommend 100% , so creamy!
11 May 2017
If you suffer from acne/spot scars or still have problem skin then this is a must have. I have been using it for 5 years to cover spots and scaring. Works better over foundation with a small brush, does not flake or go cakey and keeps even the most hideous spots covered for the day. Its fab for covering dark circles too, does not sit in wrinkles, and everyone i recommend it too loves it.
01 Jul 2015
If your a sufferer from bad acne or scars and dark circles buy this it has great cover and hides spots all day it goes nicely with pretty much most foundations and leaves a fresh look of clear skin
02 Aug 2015
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Garden Pharmacy
Beauty Expert
86 Reviews
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! this concealer is the best one I've used yet! It covers almost everything from dark circles to acne! The coverage is fabulous. However it's not a large product I would definitely by more than one again! It doesn't feel heavy and when I used it I got the results I wanted. Definitely recommended!
31 Jul 2015
Good coverage for my acne and scars but wouldn't recommend for under the eyes it did seem to crease easy. Also the shades I have all had were really orange and stood out under my foundation, so I think until I find an ideal colour I wont use it in my everyday routine. I found it to be really creamy to apply and super soft.
09 Nov 2015
Really great coverage concealer for blemishes around the face. I tried using it as a under eye concealer and it was just too thick to really work in and give a flawless look, it emphasised my fine lines. Saying that, I've nearly hit the pan on my second pot as I find it good for covering acne scars etc.
09 Feb 2017
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Benefit Cosmetics
Cult Beauty
559 Reviews
Great for under eye circles however not as good for covering acne and spots and not good if you have dry skin in the applied area
12 Jul 2016
This is such good value at only £4. I think it is good quality and has a range of colour matching shades. It has full coverage and blends well without it being Cakey or too thick. I love this concealer and with having acne and acne scars I found that this covers it all perfectly with minimal redness showing through, I spent ages searching for a affordable and good concealer and I finally found one
03 Dec 2015
This really is amazing stuff.I originally got it to cover acne scars which it works well on but it is amazing for my dark circles round my eyes+'stained lids'.You can really tell the difference. Fair shade seems to always be out of stock though. It is very fair though. It does sink in lines under the eyes a little. I have the medium cool shade for face but I prefer light shade for eyes.
23 Dec 2015
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