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Loved this product but brought it online and it was just a bit too dark for me as i am very pale skinned nice formula and pigmentation though, also blends really nicely.
06 Feb 2016
I was cautious to use any sort of bronzer as I'm so pale and Kiko cosmetics are so well pigmented, but I have found this bronzer so nice to wear and is a great and natural colour! It blends and builds well for contouring or an all over glow, so I would advise applying lightly and adding more if needed! The packaging is so sleek and sophisticated, I will definitely continue to use.
17 Nov 2016
Really good, very pigmentated. Great coverage and feels good on my skin. Would reccomend to anyone that needs something light but useful.
04 Sep 2016
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20 Reviews
I love this bronzer to pieces!! It looks very natural however it is build able if you desire a darker look. The litter side is perfect for pale skin and also i have noticed it has slight shimmer through it. The darker side is perfect for contour or general bronzing, it is matte and looks beautiful.
03 Aug 2015
This bronzer is amazing for people with pale skin, it is not too dark, and not too cool toned that you look grey and dead. Half of the product is matte, half slightly shimmery, which adds dimension to the face. It blends evenly and effortlessly, and I can see myself wearing this for many years to come!!!
30 May 2016
This is a brilliant bronzer for people with pale skin!! One side is matte where as the other side has a shimmer, it adds so muchh depth and its so easy to sculpt out your cheekbones and also bronze with it at the same time! Such a great product and I would buy this product again!!
17 Jun 2016
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15 Reviews
I hate bronzers with shimmer, this is a matte bronzer that goes on really well and is nice and cheap at under £5.00. It comes in two shades, light and medium, I bought medium despite being very fair skinned as I use it to contour my cheekbones, and even on my very pale skin it doesn't look too dark or orange-y. Highly recommended if you do not like shimmery bronzers, will buy again.
06 Jul 2012
This is a lovely bronzer for pale skin and very cheap so it's perfect. My only issue is that it's SO messy and powder seems to go every where as soon as I touch it with my brush.
12 May 2016
Second time I've bought it now, really good colour as it isn't orange (I'm very pale) plus it's matte, I'm not keen on too orange or shimmery bronzer so this is perfect! Great price too, stays on well and I found it easy to blend of i start with a little and add a little at a time (so much easier and makes it not look so harsh) would highly recommend
07 Feb 2016
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