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Love love love! This bronzer is great for adding a summer glow to your skin before contouring. I recommend this to people with medium skin though as it can look like dirt if too much is applied. A tip for fair skin people would be to use some powder over it if it looks too harsh :)
20 Jun 2016
I use this to contour on a day to day basis and so far it's the best product I've used. With my fair skin I usually find contour/bronzing products to be too orangey and fake-looking. My only advice is to use with a very light hand as it is super pigmented and very easy to go overboard.
01 Sep 2016
I do like this bronzer how ever I do have light skin so it somtimes looks a muddy on my skin. I do not wear this on a day to day basis but if I am going out and have a full face of make up on I can wear this with a lot of blending. For people who have a medium skin tone this would probably be perfect. I would probably buy this again as its a nice addition to my collection.
12 Jun 2016
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I hate bronzers with shimmer, this is a matte bronzer that goes on really well and is nice and cheap at under £5.00. It comes in two shades, light and medium, I bought medium despite being very fair skinned as I use it to contour my cheekbones, and even on my very pale skin it doesn't look too dark or orange-y. Highly recommended if you do not like shimmery bronzers, will buy again.
06 Jul 2012
I love love love this bronzer!!! Its a perfect colour for my fair skin it doesn't havethe usual amount of glitter in it that cheaper bronzers do. Its very build able sonits great for everyday wear or can be layered up for a darker evening look. The best thing thou is the price just £3.99!!!
11 Jan 2016
This is a lovely bronzer for pale skin and very cheap so it's perfect. My only issue is that it's SO messy and powder seems to go every where as soon as I touch it with my brush.
12 May 2016
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I have NARS Laguna and love it. As I'm fair skinned I admittedly only use it in the summer when I have a bit of a tan already or on a night out. It is a high quality product, which I think is important with a bronzer to avoid looking tacky. As the palette is quite large you can use a big brush with it which helps with application to body and face. I often use this for decolettage as well.
27 Nov 2013
I really love this product, as I love all Nars products. It is so easy to use and create a subtle tan to my fair skin. It doesn't make me look orange which is great and I would highly recommend it for a sun glow :)
07 Aug 2015
My favourite bronzer! Have purchased this bronzer in the shade 'Laguna' many times. I have fair skin but this is a perfect colour for me. Not too dark or orange! Only complaint is that when you hit the pan it tends to crumble easily. Will continue to buy though!
30 May 2016
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