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Really nice bronzer, the colors work well together and give a great subtle shimmery look to contour cheeks.
15 Dec 2015
I've tried a bunch of bronzers, even very expensive ones, and this one is the cheapest and is my holy grail. Takes a couple of uses before the shimmer goes and then you can use it to bronze and set contour (I don't like shimmery bronzers they are more like a highlighter). THIS IS BRONZE TONED!! No more orange contour yay. Love this, so pigmented, so bronze and sun kissed. holy grail
11 Aug 2015
I adore this product! MUA was the brand that i used when i first started out using makeup, even now, i still use this bronzer every now and again because i think it's amazing value for money and it's a very subtle bronzer that you can get in a few different shade. You could go darker if you wnated a stronger contour, or lighter if you want a subtle glow
07 Feb 2016
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This is amazing! Omg! The contour shade is so natural and the highlight it just beautiful! This is one of my favourite contour palettes ever! It last ages too! A little definitely goes a lond way! If you are looking for a much cheaper dupe of this i found that the W7 Bronze and Glow contour and highlight kit does the trick although the bronzer is alot more oranger.
28 Jul 2016
This was my 1st contour/highlighter omg this is just amazing the bronze is such a nice natural contour shade abd the highlighter is like champagne colour so glowy i always get compliments when i wear this the formula is nice i actually bought this 1 year ago n still have so much left you get a lot of the product so is so worth the price,the packinging i felt like a princess 1st opening this.
15 Mar 2016
Worth every penny
I love this product. I have it in the light shade which is perfect for my skin tone. The bronze powder is perfect to contour with. It's not too warm or too ashy and has the slightest, almost undetectable amount of shimmer which gives it a really healthy look. The highlight is a beautiful champagne colour which gives a beautiful natural glow or can be built up to be more intense. Both powders are very finely milled so almost feel like butter on your skin. Really pigmented too so a little goes a long way. Oh, and the packaging is gorgeous!
18 Feb 2017
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John Lewis
Cult Beauty
House of Fraser
99 Reviews
This is the perfect natural bronzer it is the perfect shade and gives a nice glowing perfect bronze look it stays well and smells good even can be used as a contour !
27 Jul 2015
Great bronzer if you are looking for a slight shimmer and buildable colour. Creates a nice sun kissed glow, good for contouring too!
09 Jan 2015
This bronzer is great for contouring and it's long lasting so don't have to worry about reapplying. Good for all skin types and the smell is nice. They seem to last me for ages and ages and I contour everyday so it's very much worth the buy!
21 Jul 2015
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Marks and Spencer

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