Best Foundation - April 2018

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37 Reviews
"The best foundation for a night out! Full coverage and leaves a lovely bold look which is perfect for occasions. Definit... more
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30 Reviews
"This foundation is good coverage and easy to apply, the price of the product isn't too bad either. I deffinalty would no... more
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44 Reviews
"I recently purchased this after hearing a lot of good reviews about it and they were so right. i cannot rave about this... more
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44 Reviews
"Perfect for someone with normal or dry skin types. Brilliant coverage without feeling super heavy or thick. I picked up... more
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18 Reviews
"This give a medium to full coverage depending on how much you want to build it up, I love Dior and the foundation is a d... more
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93 Reviews
"I think I might just prefer this to my fenty foundation. It applies amazingly it lasts all day with zero touch ups. It g... more
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332 Reviews
"Unpopular opinion alert! Don't get me wrong, I do wear this foundation from time to time and the coverage is good howeve... more
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22 Reviews
"My first ever foundation! Absolutely love this product. Except can't purchase in stores no more as it's been discontinue... more
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151 Reviews
"This gives me a sheer glow all over just like promised! I do have to prep my face up with a good cleanser and moisturise... more
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6 Reviews
"It was a nice full coverage and is a beautiful natural Matt finish and I have super oily skin and it actually lasts! And... more
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55 Reviews
"Really don't like this product, makes me look orange (even when i use my shade) and it makes my nose go dry and patchy... more
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15 Reviews
"I bought this product last Christmas and I have used it a couple of times but I have quite oily skin and I found that it... more
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51 Reviews
"Definitely not for all skin types, gives an oily finish when applied, even after setting with powder. But matches skin t... more
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63 Reviews
"After wanting to try this for almost a year I finally went to Leeds and got matched. Seriously how awesome is this found... more
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5 Reviews
"On it's own this foundation is just too drying, even on my incredibly oily skin. However, mixing it with foundations tha... more
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36 Reviews
Up 1 compared to last month.
"Now the sales assistant put this on me as a foundation as that's what it is but it didn't work for me. I then decided to... more
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67 Reviews
Up 1 compared to last month.
"DISCLAIMER: I used this with the MUA foundation lightening drops so can only comment on the performance when used with t... more
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184 Reviews
Up 1 compared to last month.
"I recently returned to foundation after a couple of years of using just tinted moisturiser, but this winter has played h... more
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19 Reviews
Up 1 compared to last month.
"I heard that this tinted moisturiser did wonders for your skin aswell as having an spf 15 but when I bought it after abo... more
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4 Reviews
Up 2 compared to last month.
"This product has changed my life for the better I've always gone for the cheap foundation as I always thought that payin... more
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