Best Foundation - October 2017

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18 Reviews
"This give a medium to full coverage depending on how much you want to build it up, I love Dior and the foundation is a d... more
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43 Reviews
Up 1 compared to last month.
"This foundation make ms me look so radiant but I feel like it's not enough coverage for my skin, I'm quite blemish prone... more
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87 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"Seems to be a good foundation but no good for my oily skin unfortunately. Gives good coverage though and a nice look.... more
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321 Reviews
"Good coverage but felt too heavy for day use. Felt mask like and this foundation appears to make my lines around my eyes... more
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150 Reviews
"Where have I been that I am new to this foundation now? Its amazing! I have normal skin which can veer slightly oily or... more
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55 Reviews
"Really don't like this product, makes me look orange (even when i use my shade) and it makes my nose go dry and patchy... more
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15 Reviews
"I bought this product last Christmas and I have used it a couple of times but I have quite oily skin and I found that it... more
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51 Reviews
"Definitely not for all skin types, gives an oily finish when applied, even after setting with powder. But matches skin t... more
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61 Reviews
"This foundation is medium coverage however can be built up to high coverage creating more layers. I tend to wear it on s... more
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5 Reviews
Up 5 compared to last month.
"On it's own this foundation is just too drying, even on my incredibly oily skin. However, mixing it with foundations tha... more
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178 Reviews
"This is good for a highstreet foundation and it's affordable but I wouldn't say it was as good as double wear. This has... more
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19 Reviews
"I heard that this tinted moisturiser did wonders for your skin aswell as having an spf 15 but when I bought it after abo... more
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12 Reviews
"Perfect coverage, giving you flawless matte looking skin. I love this one very much and it lasts so long.... more
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4 Reviews
"This product has changed my life for the better I've always gone for the cheap foundation as I always thought that payin... more
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65 Reviews
Down 5 compared to last month.
"Upon my first application I was really impressed. It went on smoothly, blended amazingly and smelt delicious. However a... more
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33 Reviews
"Nice.. but can get powdery, for oily skin it’s a nice buy, but honestly my skin isn’t even a tad oily anymore so wouldn’... more
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101 Reviews
"With this foundation, I know many don't like splashing out on brushes (me included as I'm broke), but the right applicat... more
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Holding onto 2nd place, with a rating of 4.30* is Mineralize SPF 15 Cream Compact Foundation by MAC. Remaining in 3rd we have Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation by Dior.

Congratulations to Giorgio Armani for taking the No.1 position on our chart for The GlamGeek Top 20 Foundation products for 2017 based upon beauty reviews written by our members. Updated daily!

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