Best Dry Shampoo - October 2017

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100 Reviews
"Probably my favourite dry shampoo, smells good and lasts all day. Stops greasiness as well as holding off the itchiness... more
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6 Reviews
"This product is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and now I have used it I will never stop.... more
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61 Reviews
"Use this product a lot, really effective great scent! Love it would highly recommend.... more
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15 Reviews
Up 8 compared to last month.
"I hadn't used dry shampoo for years before borrowing some of this from a friend as I remember it leaving me with talc-ha... more
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23 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"Been using this for a while and it's a life saver! Especially for those days when washing your hair is just not do-able!... more
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2 Reviews
Up 16 compared to last month.
"I love this product. When you don't have time in the morning for a shower this is a great product to use to keep your ha... more
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2 Reviews
Up 16 compared to last month.
"This dry shampoo is absolutely my favourite product ever,my hair always looks flawless with this in ,and I use it all th... more
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2 Reviews
Down 3 compared to last month.
"This is the cheapest shampoo you can buy. I had really dry hair. Now my hair is on fleek. Literally. You need this in yo... more
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14 Reviews
Up 18 compared to last month.
"Really don't get the hype with Aussie , every product I have used has been a disappointment. This dry shampoo is just us... more
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10 Reviews
Up 20 compared to last month.
"I'm a massive Aussie fan but was very disappointed by this product. Did not freshen up hair very well and felt quite wet... more
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4 Reviews
Up 25 compared to last month.
"Omg, this smells sooooo nice and gets rid of all access oils. However if you spray too close it leases a white redidue s... more
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2 Reviews
Down 6 compared to last month.
"This smells great and is useful for those morning when you can't be bothered... Great purchase and a regular buy for me!... more
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11 Reviews
Up 51 compared to last month.
"Despite the negative reviews on glam geek I have always really enjoyed it this dry shampoo compared to my usual batiste... more
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5 Reviews
Up 45 compared to last month.
"✨This product is ok... I love the fact it is invisible and doesn’t leave any white residue. It does clean well and your... more
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3 Reviews
Down 8 compared to last month.
"Exactly what it is a translucent powder so invisible on the hair unlike the white powders of other dry shampoo... more
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2 Reviews
Up 57 compared to last month.
"Such a brilliant dry shampoo but the first time I bought it, I got one and a half uses before it clogged up and no matte... more
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1 Review
Down 9 compared to last month.
"A tiny bit of this in the roots of your hair instantly adds volume and reduces oil. This is great for all hair types and... more
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Holding onto 2nd place, with a rating of 4.09* is Dry Shampoo - Light & Blonde by Batiste. Remaining in 3rd we have Dry Shampoo Original - Clean & Classic by Batiste.

Congratulations to Batiste for taking the No.1 position on our chart for The GlamGeek Top 20 Dry Shampoo products for 2017 based upon beauty reviews written by our members. Updated daily!

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