Best Concealer - June 2018

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148 Reviews
"So I've seen a number of rubbish reviews but still had to test... so glad I did! I've been using for 6 months and aside... more
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551 Reviews
"I heard great things from YouTubers about how great this product was as I am searching for the perfect concealer (still... more
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10 Reviews
"I bought this product along time ago and stopped using as didn’t feel it was working. I was in fact using it wrong 😂 I... more
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6 Reviews
"I'm really impressed with this! It's creamy and easy to use. It really does brighten up the under eye and gives my skin... more
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25 Reviews
Up 2 compared to last month.
"You can’t get a better concealer than this! For £4 you cannot complain! The fact that it’s compared to an expensive v po... more
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69 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"I purchased this as I needed something to cover the black under my eyes. I didn’t have any hopes for this as had tried q... more
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22 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"Having the concealer in a stick is very handy as it makes it easier to apply. It also blends immacualtely and gives a go... more
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5 Reviews
"LOVE the dual ended design, amazing concealer!! I can cover my spots and blemishes with the stick end and even out my sk... more
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95 Reviews
"I find this concealer okay it’s not the best for my skin I find it going a little patchy... more
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150 Reviews
"When I first bought this in the winter, I went for light. It has a very yellow undertone and dried down quite dark compa... more
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39 Reviews
"I love how this concealer covers up my acne and it is really great for under eye bags. when I have had a long night and... more
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97 Reviews
"More of an illuminating cream than a Concealer as it doesn't cover blemishes or dark circles very well but brightens are... more
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68 Reviews
"Great coverage and perfect for covering up blemishes. Nice creamy formula which makes it easy to blend in. NC15 is perfe... more
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5 Reviews
"Love it, so lightweight and easy application for the perfect highlight, doesn't crease easily either... more
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7 Reviews
"This is a lovely product, you get more product than most concealers, it's a good product for more mature skin that are l... more
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88 Reviews
Up 2 compared to last month.
"I really enjoy this concealer, it looks great under the eyes and once lightly set does. It crease or emphasise my fine l... more
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15 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"In love with this I really liked the look of how the foundation was on my skin so I was so excited to look at this conce... more
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Holding onto 2nd place, with a rating of 4.21* is Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer by Urban Decay. Remaining in 3rd we have HD Concealer Wand by NYX.

Congratulations to Tarte for taking the No.1 position on our chart for The GlamGeek Top 20 Concealer products for 2018 based upon beauty reviews written by our members. Updated daily!

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