Best Concealer - March 2017

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469 Reviews
"After reading so many great reviews of this concealer on GlamGeek and went ahead and bought it. At first I was really im... more
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59 Reviews
"I love how this feels on my skin and if you are looking for that perfect concealer which is perfect and such a high cove... more
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117 Reviews
"If I use a dark foundation eg when I've tanned, and then use a light foundation during the week the sponge seems to pick... more
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88 Reviews
"When I was in the shop buying this product, I instantly knew I wanted it. With only putting a tiny bit on your brush, it... more
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65 Reviews
"This concealer isn't as good for coverage as the liquid one. I find that it goes Cakey wherever I put it but it is reall... more
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78 Reviews
"I have this in the shade 15. Although not as light as I hoped, this concealer is not too bad for it's price, great cover... more
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22 Reviews
"Having the concealer in a stick is very handy as it makes it easier to apply. It also blends immacualtely and gives a go... more
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39 Reviews
"I love how this concealer covers up my acne and it is really great for under eye bags. when I have had a long night and... more
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8 Reviews
"Ahhhh !! I'm in love with this product ! It litrally does what it says in the packaging, which many company's are false... more
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80 Reviews
"Hides blemishes and uneven skin tone perfectly - cannot fault it for this, however, I get really dark and puffy undereye... more
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149 Reviews
"Quite good for combination skin, but would be better if in a lighter shade, still very good formula, and good price, I r... more
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49 Reviews
"Would definitely recommend this to anyone, full coverage and perfect for covering under eye dark circles. I would buy th... more
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4 Reviews
New entry to the chart this month!
"For years and years I've searched for a Concealor to cover and brighten my under eye circles but also last all day witho... more
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25 Reviews
Up 2 compared to last month.
" I initially got this just so I had a small powder compact in my bag cus my bigger ones always break, didn't expect much... more
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5 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"LOVE the dual ended design, amazing concealer!! I can cover my spots and blemishes with the stick end and even out my sk... more
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24 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"I'm always on the hunt for a good green colour corrector due to having quite red sensitive skin, this however was such a... more
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21 Reviews
Down 4 compared to last month.
"It was too thin to cover my dark circles for the full day, it also made my eyes go dry and wrinkly straight after I appl... more
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Holding onto 2nd place, with a rating of 4.19* is HD PRO Conceal by L.A. Girl USA. Remaining in 3rd we have Concealer Wand by NYX.

Congratulations to Urban Decay for taking the No.1 position on our chart for The GlamGeek Top 20 Concealer products for 2017 based upon beauty reviews written by our members. Updated daily!

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