Best Bath and Shower - May 2018

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45 Reviews
Up 1 compared to last month.
"I love Dove products so much but the only problem I have when using soap bars is it makes me feel like rubber when I co... more
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21 Reviews
Down 1 compared to last month.
"I used this bath bomb last night. The end result of the bath was great and I absolutely love the lemon-ish scent. I thou... more
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69 Reviews
"I had always thought the Soap & Glory products was a little expensive to be buying for everyday use, but actually I've f... more
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39 Reviews
"My husband loves this shower gel.. he likes the smell. Me on thebother hand find it very sickly and I don't like the aft... more
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23 Reviews
"Get my negative and reason I wouldn’t purchase again out the way: the price, it’s lovely but it is soap. Got this for my... more
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64 Reviews
"Been getting this for Christmas/ birthday for as long as I can remember. Lovely gift and so great! Smells Devine and lea... more
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17 Reviews
"loveeee doves range of body washes leaves my skin so soft after the first wash and dosnt irritate my very, sensitive ski... more
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18 Reviews
"I find thi product a very therapeutic treat.. I love this foam and how a tiny amount turns into more than needed. My dau... more
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34 Reviews
"What an experience!!! Bluey water which was strange So many bits floating around drove me mad. Got out quickly ruined... more
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17 Reviews
"I bought this after being a huge fan of Lush products and I was not disappointed! It's a very unique, fresh scent perfec... more
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14 Reviews
"I love the frozen bath bomb by lush and would buy it again and its good for sensitive skin and dose not irritate my skin... more
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8 Reviews
"Extremely refreshing. I have sensitive skin and this product was perfect for me. Leaving me clean and skin very soft.... more
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25 Reviews
"This is a fast fizzing beauty which turns your bath a lovely autumn yellow. It doesn't dry out your skin because if all... more
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17 Reviews
"I’m slightly obsessed by finding the perfect orange shower gel. I had a Spanish on 20 years ago called Naranja and nothi... more
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11 Reviews
"While pretty much every scent from the Body Shop smells amazing, their shower gels are considerably more expensive compa... more
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68 Reviews
"Lovely product.. again my husband is obsessed with this brand and is always purchasing one when we are out shopping. I L... more
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16 Reviews
"Nice silky feeling and lathers okay. Smells nice but not overly strong of anything in particular. I got the coconut vers... more
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Holding onto 2nd place, with a rating of 4.40* is Foam Call™ Bath and Shower Wash by Soap & Glory. Remaining in 3rd we have Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic by Lush.

Congratulations to Lush for taking the No.1 position on our chart for The GlamGeek Top 20 Bath and Shower products for 2018 based upon beauty reviews written by our members. Updated daily!

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