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Nair Sensitive Formula Facial Brush-On

Enriched with Camellia Oil and Ylang Ylang, this brush-on is perfect for removing facial hair from this sensitive area.

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Ranked 30th most popular shaving and hair removal on GlamGeek.
40% would buy this again
Sensitive Formula Facial Brush-On

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Member Reviews

GlamGeek Specialist (38)

Buy Again

Removes hair quickly and painlessly and prevents re-growth. You cant go wrong with this product if you follow the instructions, Its great for shaping brows!
Rated on Sun 10 Jan 2016

GlamGeek Hobbyist (18)

Buy Again

I LOVE this. I had a bad red mark left from this once because I left it on too long, it says 5 mins max! Removes hair without any pain easiest removed with warm water and a soft sponge. No problems no complaints does the job!
Rated on Wed 28 Oct 2015

GlamGeek Novice (4)

Buy Again

Gave me a chemical burn. Lasted for over a week and badly damaged the skin.
Rated on Mon 27 Jul 2015

GlamGeek Hobbyist (22)

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Not my favourite wax strip band. Leaves a horrible sticky after feel, doesn't remove all hair, and is also very sore after. Not the easiest option of hair removal.
Rated on Thu 16 Jul 2015

GlamGeek Expert (179)

Buy Again

Gets rid of most of the hair but not all of it. Leaves skin feeling a bit irritated and sore but this dies down after a while. Feels awful while using it.
Rated on Thu 29 Jul 2010

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