5 Reasons you should look after your makeup sponges!

If you’re anything like me you either just chuck your sponge in your makeup bag, have it rolling around the bottom of your dirty hand bag or leave it sitting on a surface somewhere not giving it a second thought.

Recently beautyblender’s Blender Defender…bit of a tongue twister.. caught my eye, and I began to wonder if this was just another  beauty gimmick, but on further investigation its seems that this could be a game changing beauty gadget that could even help prevent breakouts!

Did you know …

  • Its never a good idea to store your makeup sponge where it can come into contact with other cosmetics as there is a risk of it being exposed to bacteria in your makeup bag.
  • The sponge picks up bacteria from your skin as you use it. As it sits, the bacteria begin to multiply. If you reuse it, either hours or days later, you redeposit those bacteria onto your skin…eeek
  • Beauty Sponges are a major germ magnet if  stored in the wrong condition and may be harbouring a ton of bacteria that could cause potential breakouts.
  • If they start to smell or if spots appear it’s a sure sign your favourite makeup tool has developed bacteria or even mould…yuck.
  • Makeup sponges are not being allowed to dry properly before being stored, this leads to the perfect conditions for growing mould, which loves damp, dark enclosed spaces.

So…we all know our sponges need a good deep clean once a week with a mild anti-bacterial soap, but I have also learnt that proper ventilation is essential when storing a damp makeup sponge to keep it in tip top condition. Here’s a few that are available to buy online.

Beautyblender Beautyblender Blender Defender 1

Beautyblender Blender Defender £10.00

Blenderelle Makeup Blender Sponge Storage, Display Stand & Travel Case £10

SPONGEDRY Makeup Sponge Dryer & Pink Sponge £14.99


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge & Travel Case £7.00

HQdeal Acrylic Makeup Sponge Organiser Holder with Drawers £19.99