Glamgeek’s Trial Team puts Illamasqua’s IllaMustHaves to the test

IllaMustHaves contains four of thier best-selling products in handy miniature size.  Housed in an art-deco inspired make-up bag, it is the ultimate gift for any beauty enthusiast, traveller or those looking to discover Illamasqua for the first time.

10 GlamGeek’s Trial Team members: aged 26-44 years

Gel Sculpt Face Contouring Stick by Illamasqua

Rated GlamGeek’s 3rd Best Contour Product

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Illamasqua says “Gel Sculpt in Silhouette is a unique contouring gel creation that offers subtle definition to cheeks with ease. The hue of Silhouette creates a delicate shadow under cheekbones and along the jawline which can be blended with ease to achieve beautiful, natural contours”

Our trial teams verdict:

“Much better than my usual heavy powder tones that are hard to blend. This is a wonder product and great for the contour newbies as well as the pros”

“It glides on effortlessly over liquid foundation, does not cause the foundation to slide or separate, blends beautifully, and can be easily built up with more layers for a defined look”

This was a real hit with our trial team who tell us they normally choose powder contour products but its seems Illamasqua managed to convince 100% of our trial team that Gel Contour is the way forward.

Everyone advised that you should not be put off by the colour of this product, it may appear too dark but it actually applies sheer.  They felt this made it a very customisable product for all skin tones and perfect for contour newbies.

The trial team agreed that the product glides on effortlessly over liquid foundation, does not cause the foundation to slide or separate, blends beautifully leaving no harsh lines and can be easily built up with more layers for a defined look.

100% of our trial team said they would recommend and repurchase Gel Sculpt

Masquara Raven by Illamasqua

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Rated GlamGeek’s 8th Best Mascara

Illamasqua says “An amplifying black mascara to thicken, lengthen and volumise lashes. With an intense formula, the mascara delivers ultimate impact and definition, allowing you to create a look as dramatic as desired”

Our trial teams verdict:

“OMG I think I have found my perfect mascara! I feel so naked without my falsies but don’t find it practical to wear them everyday. This mascara added crazy length to my lashes”

“A great mascara that can be taken from natural everyday to full glam in just one extra coat! It’s a great all rounder and I would purchase again for sure!”

Everyone desperately wants to find the perfect mascara that creates length, volume and lasts the day, but did Masquara Raven tick all those boxes with our trial team?  Yes it did!

Intense black colour – tick, no flaking – tick, non smudging – tick, non clumping – tick, long lasting – tick, volumising – tick, lengthening – tick…and that’s not all!

Everyone loved the large bristle brush because it was easy to work with, separated the lashes and distributed the product evenly to upper and lower lashes.  Most felt that it was very versatile and can be adapted from day to night in just one coat, and even though it had some serious  staying power it was still easy to remove .

The mascara was found to have a perfect formula of not to wet and not too dry and did also not irritate those with sensitive eyes.

90% of our trial team said they would recommend and repurchase.

Hydra Veil by Illamasqua

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Rated GlamGeek’s 7th Best Face Primer

Illamasqua says “Part hydrator, part primer, Hydra Veil instantly hydrates and smooths skin through a self-levelling, futuristic clear gel. Microalgae, Vitamin C and B3 work together to help maintain skins hydration levels, creating a healthy looking, balanced finish”

Our trial teams verdict:

“There is nothing I don’t love about this and my make up stayed better for longer. Hot power product alert! I’m converted”

“This primer is like nothing I have used before as its a clear gel that sinks into your skin leaving no chalky or sticky residue. I tried days with and without it and my foundation definitely sat better with it and my nose remained shine free for longer”

The trial team all agreed that this primer has quite a unique formula and is very versitle as it works for all skin types – dry, combination and sensitive.  Even though it’s a jelly constistency it turns to liquid on contact and sinks beautifully into the skin to give the perfect base for foundation.  Oil breakouts were found to be kept to a minimum, makeup remained shine free and it increased the longevity of makeup.

Not only did it make a fab primer it also was also felt that it was beneficial to the skin as it is rich, nourishing, and hydrating.

Despite the price tag being of some concern for this luxury primer, 90% of the trial team still said they would repurchase this product again.

Precision Gel Liner by Illamasqua

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Ranked GlamGeek’s 38th Best Eyeliner

Illamasqua says “Precision Gel Liner soon to be a mainstay in the make-up bags of any beauty enthusiast, Precision Gel Liner recreates the fluidity of a liquid liner with the ease of a gel. Creating a smooth rich line from the first application, the long-lasting waterproof formula is guaranteed to stay in place all day, and night”

Our trial team verdict:

“You have just enough time to work with it before it dries and then it’s on until you want to take it off. You can get a clear defined line or smudge it out for a smokey effect”

“Tried various differing brands and this is hands down the BEST. Incredibly easy to apply (I used a bobby brown travel eye liner brush and it was perfect). It stays put and isn’t too harsh. Don’t think I’ll ever need to try another eye liner again – firm favourite”

There are more eyeliners out there than you can shake a stick at and everyone has their own application preferences when it comes to that perfect black line.  A gel liner is not for everyone as it takes a skill and time to perfect but for the trial team ladies who love their wings this gel liner got a big thumbs up.

They felt the liner had a great consistency, which was very flexible and workable to create either a defined sharp line or a smokey look with ease.  It glides on effortlessly,  highly pigmented without being too harsh, long lasting,  but also easy to remove at the end of the day.

60% of our trial team would purchase this again.

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