Glamgeek’s Trial Team puts ESPA’s Optimal Skin Introductory Collection to the test

To achieve flawless makeup you need to start off with a perfect canvas which can sometimes mean giving ourselves a skin care overhaul.  The Glamgeek trial team put Espa’s Optimal Skin Introductory Collection to the test the very best ESPA introduction featuring their four beauty bestsellers.

GlamGeek Trial Team – aged 26-68 yrs

Optimal Skin ProCleanser by ESPA 

Rated GlamGeek’s 3rd  Best Cleanser

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Espa says: “A 3-in-1 gel cleanser, exfoliator and mask to nourish, smooth and visibly brighten the complexion. Moringa Seed Extract cleanses and removes make-up, while Jojoba Spheres gently exfoliate and melt away to leave skin clear and smooth”

Our trial teams verdict –

“Straight away my skin looked so fresh and my open pores are not so visible now and my pores have definetely improved and skin looks smooth and brighter”

“This cleanser not only left my skin feeling fantastic but it has improved the look of it too”

If you have sensitive skin or are cautious about using a daily exfoliator then this luxurious cleanser could be the product for you.  Our trial team were unified in saying it was gentle enough for everyday use, and did not upset sensitive or spot prone skin.

The 3 in 1 formula was very popular as it proved to be money saving not having to buy individual products.

The overall verdict was that the procleanser left skin feeling smooth, soft, nourished and hydrated, with its luxurious feel and divine smell. Despite this cleanser being up against some very popular brands it managed to earn its 3rd place ranking by ticking everyone’s boxes.

90% of our Trial team said they would purchase it again

Optimal Skin ProSerum by ESPA

Rated GlamGeek’s #1 Face Serum

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Espa says: “ProSerum combines the exceptional nourishment of a treatment oil with the active benefits of multiple plant extracts to deliver naturally beautiful skin, this advanced formulation helps brighten and even skin tone, enhance elasticity, firm, and protect against premature ageing”

Our trial teams verdict:

“A small amount of this goes a long way and my skin looks great after using for a short space of time. This hasn’t upset my sensitive skin and if anything it looks clearer!”

“It leaves a great base to apply my makeup, ensuring it looks smooth and does not slide off”

The ProSerum went straight in at #1 on GlamGeek and here’s why…the first thing you notice about the serum is the gorgeous relaxing aroma, which was described as having a facial every day of the year.

Overall it was found to be hydrating, perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin and clear improvements were seen in a short period of time.

The majority of the trial team claimed that no greasy residue was left after applying the serum, instead skin felt prepped, leaving you with the perfect makeup base. Despite the higher price tag being mentioned it was however felt that the serum was value for money as such a small amount is needed each time and was worth repurchasing.

80% of our Trial Team said they would purchase it again.

Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser by ESPA

Rated GlamGeek’s 17th best Face Moisturiser

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ESPA says: “A responsive, lightweight nutrient-rich moisturiser that balances the complexion while delivering deep, long-lasting hydration where your skin needs it most. South African Resurrection Plant revives dehydrated skin, Navarra Asparagus Extract targets the early signs of skin ageing while Yeast Bioferment revitalises by night for visibly beautiful skin”

Our trial teams verdict:

“This little pot of super cream has made my skin look and feel smooth, clear, bright and radiant and it’s only been a week”

“Even though it is thicker than my usual product it has not blocked my pores or upset my sensitive skin. This feels like a spa treatment”

Finding the perfect moisturiser that ticks all the boxes can be a job in itself, but ESPA seems to of hit the right spot with our trial team.  

After reading the trial teams reviews the same points became apparent about this moisturiser, it sinks into the skin quickly, its intensely hydrating, very nourishing, non greasy, perfect for mature skin and leaves skin feeling radiant and smooth…boxes ticked!

A lot of moisturisers can be too greasy and block pores but not this product according to our trial team, it was loved by those with sensitive and spot prone skin, and some found their makeup sat better and lasted longer.

90% of the trial team felt this was a product worth reinvesting in as a little goes a long way and we all love value for money beauty products.

Hydrating Floral Spafresh by ESPA

Rated GlamGeek’s 14th Best Toner

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ESPA say: “A gently hydrating natural toner to freshen, comfort and lightly nourish the skin. Rose Damascena hydrates and prepares the skin for moisture, Rose Geranium soothes and protects, while Neroli replenishes for softer, supple skin”

Our trial teams verdict:

“There is a definite change to my pores on my nose which are visibably smaller. I love how my skin feels after using this it smells really nice and my skin feels fresher and brighter”

” I’ve had sensitive skin/mild acne since I was 18 and never been able to use a 3 step skin routine until now. Its a very mild, soothing formula, and non drying. I can’t say it would work for everyone with spots but for me its been a much needed game changer”

If you are looking for a non drying toner that is kind to sensitive and spot prone this could be a real game changer to your 3 step skin routine.  Our trial team stated that skin felt softer after using, hydrated, fresher and brighter.

It removed unwanted makeup that was not shifted by a cleanser,  pores appeared smaller especially around the T zone and moisturiser was absorbed better after usage.

Only 50% of the trial team would repurchase this product however the re-purchasers felt it was a product worth investing in as the benefits out weigh the cost.

The ESPA Optimal Skin Introductory Collection is available to purchase direct from ESPA for £26.00 Optimal Skin Introductory Collection, this kit is a  great introduction the the ESPA range and is also  a perfect size for holidays.  New Customer will receive 10% off – Quote code ESPA10 at checkout.

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