GlamGeek’s trial team put the worlds best tanning product to the test -Bondi Sands 1hr Express Self Tanning Foam

If you’re looking for a natural tan on the go here’s all the tanspiration you need this Spring… Bondi Sands Express 1hr Self Tanning Foam

Bondi Sands say :“Experience a sun-kissed Australian tan in just 1 hour with Bondi Sands Express Self Tanning Foam. Infused with a scent of coconut, this ultra lightweight aerosol foam will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi beach.  Suitable For: Time poor tanners who want to achieve the Bondi glow in an hour”

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The GlamGeek trial team have put the world’s most popular tanning product to the test –

GlamGeek trial team :  Aged 20-46, newbies to self tanning and pro tanners

“I love the fact you can tailor this tanning foam to your own personal preference!”

“The quick time is such a bonus compared to other Bondi Sands tanning products. I will buy this product again especially as we move to the summer!

The trial team felt  this was a great tanning product for first time tanners or people who are fair skinned as you are in total control of the end colour.  Confident tanners can take it to the next level so there is finally 1 product that can suit everyone’s tanning needs.

The fact that the mousse was coloured  went down a storm with the trial team as you can visibly see where its been applied, which means no tell tale tan marks on your hands.  Its easy to apply, has a pleasant scent unlike most tanning products, and dries dries down quickly.

Most of the trial team experimented with the timings to suit their personal tanning prefereces but the overall verdict was:   a great product if you have very little time on your hands, left an even, streak free, natural looking tan that lasts.

80% of our trial team would buy again.

Not only do Bondi Sands have the worlds best tanning product, they also have no less than 8 tanfastic products in GlamGeek’s Top 20 Tanning Products

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