3 of the Best Lip Balms

If you suffer from chapped winter lips or have fallen victim to a matte lipstick that feels like its squeezed every drop of moisture out of them, lip balm is a true beauty SOS essential.  Look after your lips and treat them to a little pampering with our tried and tested Lip Care products on GlamGeek.

Classic Moisturising Lip Balm by Carmex

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“I find with the cold weather my lips tend to crack more. This stuff lasts forever and makes them feel so good. This has helped me when my lips have been feeling really sore it reduces the irritation and helps with re healing your lips”

As well as healing chapped lips our reviewers all seem to agree that this lip care product is also great at preventing dry lips, and leaves them hydrated, healthier, moisturised and even plumper.  Many prefer the fact that it comes in a tube with a hygenic applicator rather than pot which can increase the risk of spreading germs.  Its long lasting, value for money and is great to use after wearing drying lipsticks.  100% of our reviewers said they would repurchase this product again.

Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter by Vaseline

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” Its hydrating and nourishing, doesn’t leave my lips sticky or tacky, doesn’t make my lips feel waxy and applies really smoothly. For less than £2 what more could you want?”

This handbag essential is a real favourite with our reviewers, as well as leaving lips moisturised, soft and hydrated  it amazing scent that leaves them coming back for more.  This long lasting, very affordable balm is also used as a multi purpose product for eyebrows, dry skin and as a lip gloss.  If you;re looking for a bargain, multi purpose, hydrating, nourishing lip balm that doesn’t leave your lips tacky, sticky, this little tin of magic could be for you.

Relief Cream by Blistex

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“One of those products everybody should have in their draw. It eliminates chapped, sore lips in just a few applications. I’ve never found any other cream/balm that works as quick or as well”

Our GlamGeek reviewers believe this is the best medicine for a case of chapped lips.  Not only does it deal with cracked and sore lips, it also helps relieve the pain of blisters, reactions to lip products and the dreaded cold sore.   Our reviewers say that this fast acting lip savior starts getting to work immediately showing results after a few applications, and non SOS situations, they recommended applying at night if you want to and wake up to soft, moisoturised lips.

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