The War of the Wands!

Does anyone really understand the difference between mascara wands?

It’s all about the shape of the mascara wand these days and each brand claims to have its own unique selling points. Whether its blacker than black, blackest black, or bin liner black,  most of the work comes down to the brush, here’s a  simple guide of what results to expect depending on which magical mascara wand you choose….decisions…decisions


Classic Straight Fiber Wand

The synthetic fibers in the formulas, plus the bushiness of the brush, means you’ll get coverage and length.   Generally if there’s loads of bristles then the lashes will pull closer together and create a denser product placement. 


Clinique High Impact Mascara

  • For adding fullness
  • Ideal for shorter and thinner lashes
  • Good for people with big eyes and loads of lashes.
  • Not good for people with small or deep set eyes
  • Lashes will look more block style, heavier and fuller.


The Plastic/Rubber Wand

The rubber wand won’t hold as much formula as regular mascara brushes so therefore discourages clumping while allowing you to separate and give a natural everyday look.


Chanel Le Volume De Chanel

  • Ideal for people with not many lashes or particularly short lashes.
  • Gives  separation and definition
  • Wand can be quite wet and tend to pick up a lot of product


Tapered Wand

Tapered wands are basically the same as straight wands except they taper off to a point at the tip. This means you can get great volume and length from the thicker part of the brush, but you can also use the tip to pick out individual lashes for extra definition.


Lancôme Hypnose Volume A Porter

  • Great for long or short lashes
  • Ideal for getting right to lash line
  • Great for full coverage but not so much for creating volume


Curved Wands

Curved wands create a gentle curl in the center of the eye and lift the edges up to make eyes seem bigger and more open.


Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

  • Ideal for poker straight lashes or those looking for some extra curl and lift


Round Tip Wand

The small, ball shape allows you to reach each and every lash better than if you were using a larger brush. you can use it at just about every angle imaginable.


Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Effet Extension Mascara Black

  • Great for separating and defining each lash
  • Requires more skill than a regular mascara wand
  • Helps coat both tiny inner lashes and longer outer lashes
  • Great for people that have sparse lashes
  • Not ideal for hooded eyes
  • Can be time consuming


Micro Wands

Perfect for precise application of mascara to the bottom lashes without getting it on your skin or or clumping. Great for your ‘no-makeup’ days, a micro wand will deliver a dark pigment to your lashes for a natural look.


Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

  • Used for bottom lashes
  • Natural looking results
  • Won’t build volume or add much length


Thick Brush

Bigger is always better when it comes to increasing the volume on your lashes. Large wands pick up a lot of product, which get distributed at the base to build volume.


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

  • Will thicken the lashes as well as give length
  • Not ideal for small or deep set eyes
  • Good for people with big eyes and loads of lashes


Comb Wand

The comb has tiny teeth that help lengthen and define your already thick lashes.


L’Oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara

  • Great at exaggerating length and defining each individual lash
  • Will not add volume
  • Not ideal for sparse lashes


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